The affordable new Tisas PX-9 Gen3 Tactical is light on the wallet but heavy on the features, and we found it to run well when it comes to being discreet. 

We've been looking at the Turkish Tactical for a few months now and have found a lot to like about it. The third generation of the Tisas-made polymer-framed striker-fired pistol includes a 5.1-inch extended threaded barrel, accepts easy-to-find SIG P226-pattern double-stack mags, is offered in three finishes (black Tenifer, OD green, or FDE Cerakote), has a decent 4.5-pound flat-faced trigger, comes with steel suppressor-height Glock-pattern sights with a front fiber-optic dot, and has a factory micro red-dot slide cut in a Trijicon RMR/SRO pattern.

Tisas PX-9 Gen3 Tactical
The dependable Tisas PX-9 Gen3 Tactical is optics and suppressor ready and uses common mags, sight dovetails, and MRD footprints. Plus, you can typically get it new with a ton of accessories and two mags for less than $500. (All photos: Chris Eger/

Proving reliable across the first 1,000 rounds of Barnaul import, CCI Blazer Brass, and Federal American Eagle 115-grain FMJ, we recently quieted down a bit and tested it with a suppressor. 

Tisas PX-9 Gen3 Tactical threaded barrel
The barrel runs the common 1x28 TPI thread pattern under a knurled thread protector.

As the PX-9 uses a short-recoil action, we went with a can that had an option for a recoil booster or Nielsen Device to ensure it actually worked. 

Nielsen device
The concept of a Nielsen Device on a suppressor is simple, using the piston and spring system as a sort of muzzle break in reverse to ensure that the titling barrel and recoil spring assembly of the host pistol works as it is intended, despite the extra weight of the can. The above shows SilencerCo's Charlie piston system in components then assembled and inserted into the suppressor. 

The can we used was a SilencerCo Omega 36M. 

Tisas PX-9 Gen3 Tactical with SiCo Omega 36M
The two-piece modular Omega 36M is multi-caliber, running everything from .22 Hornet to .338LM making it versatile and providing multiple configurations for length, weight, and mounting options. We've used it on everything across multiple pistols, PCCs, sub guns, and rifles, without sacrificing performance. 

The PX-9 Gen 3 Tactical ships with both an Italian-made Mec-Gar 18-round and 20-round magazine along with a removable magwell adapter, and, with the fully-loaded 20-rounder inserted, and the Omega attached in its longest format, we found all-up weight to be 51 ounces. 

Tisas PX-9 Gen3 Tactical with SiCo Omega 36M
For reference, the overall length in that format was 16 inches and it balanced well between the full mag and the can. Keep in mind you could always shrink that down, for instance the Omega 36M can be dropped to its short format, or you could use a lighter can such as an 8-ounce Osprey 9 2.0, but we are getting too much in the weeds here. You get the idea. 

For just plinking on the range, we ran the Tisas/Omega set up with some of Federal's inexpensive American Eagle Syntech 115-grain Total Synthetic Jacket loads.

Tisas PX-9 Gen3 Tactical with SiCo Omega 36M
The polymer bullet coating, coupled with Federal's clean-burning powders, seriously cut down on copper and lead fouling. This ensures that your gun-- and suppressor-- stay cleaner longer and shoot better. 

The below video shows the Tisas/36M with Syntechs. 

We also ran the pistol suppressed with Federal's 147 grain subsonic (1,000 fps) flat-nosed FMJ loads which cut down on the supersonic "crack" made by the ammo pulling a Chuck Yeager and had no problem with the PX-9 cycling. In all, we have put about 250 rounds through the PX-9 Tactical with the Omega attached and the only problem we experienced was the slide failing to lock back on an empty chamber twice. 

With a suggested retail of $579.95 (spoiler alert, they are usually $450 or less) it is nice to find a pistol that checks so many boxes. Stay tuned as we keep pumping up the round count on it.

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