As a Christmas present to anti-gun organizations and progressive Democrats, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed a new gun control bill into law, then was promptly sued by 2A groups.

Murphy dropped his signature on General Assembly bill A4769 on Dec. 22, a controversial measure that had been described by both supporters and those opposed as perhaps the "toughest in the nation" when it comes to concealed-carry laws. 

The new law goes as far as to mandate gun owners take out $300,000 worth of liability insurance, bumps up costs for licensing to include upping the cost of permit applications by 1150 percent, and bans the carry of firearms in most places even with a tough-to-get permit. All supposedly in response to the Supreme Court's 6-3 decision in the Bruen case that vacated New York's strict may-issue concealed carry permitting scheme as unconstitutional. 

"Today’s bill signing is the culmination of months of negotiations between this Administration and our partners in the Legislature, delivering on the promise I made this summer to keep New Jersey safe in the aftermath of the Supreme Court's awful decision," said Murphy in the bill signing ceremony, accompanied by representatives of the Brady Campaign, Giffords, and Moms Demand Action anti-gun groups. 

Within minutes of the signing and high-fives in Trenton, the Second Amendment Foundation filed a federal lawsuit against the State of New Jersey, challenging the state’s new gun control law. Joining SAF were the Firearms Policy Coalition, the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners, and the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, along with three private citizens, Nicholas Gaudio, Jeffrey M. Muller and Ronald Koons.  


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"We are asking for a declaratory judgment against certain tenets of the new legislation," said SAF founder, Alan Gottlieb. "We are also seeking a preliminary and/or permanent injunction restraining the defendants and their officers, agents, and other employees from enforcing the challenged segments of the law.

"The specific sections of law violate the right to bear arms protected by the Second Amendment. There is no established historical tradition that could be used to justify these restrictions. This new legislation literally criminalizes licensed concealed carry just about everywhere, making a mockery of the right to bear arms protected by the Second Amendment."

The case is known as Koons et al v. Reynolds et al.

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