Stretching the FN 509 Tactical series from its standard 9mm format to something bigger bore, the company is now offering red-dot and suppressor-ready 10mm Auto and .45 ACP models. 

With a commanding 22+1 magazine capacity, the FN 510 in 10mm and its companion 18+1 shot FN 545 in .45 ACP still have all the standard features as the FN 509 Tactical. These include the company's bomb-proof Low-Profile Optics Mounting System that fits just about any micro red-dot footprint on the market, fully ambidextrous controls, suppressor-height three-dot night sights with tritium inserts, and a 4.71-inch extended threaded barrel that accepts most comps and suppressors.

Each ship with two nickel-coated steel-body magazines – a flush-fitting model and an extended model. 

FN 545 and FN 510 pistols
"We pioneered the Tactical feature set in the FNX-45 and FN 509 Tactical pistols, introducing the industry’s first pistol that shipped from the factory with a threaded barrel, optics mount and extended capacity, and until now, the FNX-45 Tactical had the highest capacity of any .45 ACP pistol available from the factory," said Chris Johnson, senior product manager, pistols, for FN America. 


FN 510 Tactical


FN 510 pistol
With a 22+1 round extended and 15+1 round flush capacity, the 10mm FN 510 has a weight of 32 ounces unloaded. (Photo: FN)
FN 510 pistols
It will be available in both black and FDE. (Photos: FN)
Photo: FN


“There has been significant interest from FN owners in pistols chambered in big bore calibers over the last several years,” said Chris Cole, FN's VP of sales and marketing. 

FN 545 Tactical


FN 545 pistols
The FN 545 Tac runs an 18+1 round extended mag and a 15+1 round flush-fit mag. (Photo: FN)
FN 545 pistols
As with the FN 510, it will be available in both black and FDE. (Photos: FN)
Photo: FN


Each of FN's new big bores ship with four MRD mounting plates in a branded zippered case. For those in restricted areas, there will also be the abomination that is the possibility of getting these guns with 10-round mags.

The MSRP, regardless of caliber or magazine size, is $1,139, which is only about $35 more than the ask on the FN 509 Tactical. 

revolver barrel loading graphic