Something always catches our eye at SHOT Show in Las Vegas, and 2023 is shaping up to be a heck of a 1911-inspired year. We’ve already seen the launch of several new 1911-style pistols, with the latest coming out of left field from the new company Oracle Arms out of Dayton, Nevada, with its brand-new 2311. 

There’s not a ton of information out there just yet on this new 2311, and even the Oracle Arms website is pushing traffic to its SHOT Show booth in Vegas. But the company has dripped a few tantalizing pics on its Instagram account that got a lot of fire and likes from possible consumers of such a gun.

Oracle Arms 2311
I mean, in under three posts, they've gathered a nice following. (Photo: Oracle Arms Instagram)

What at first appears to be akin to a modular-framed double-stack 2011 is actually something a bit different. Oracle Arms’ 2311 has some unique duty and competition features that make it an intriguing addition to the legacy of John Browning’s original design. Sure, there’s the time-tested 1911 action, but it’s juiced with some pretty new SIG P320 DNA.

“Our primary objective when designing the 2311 was to combine the fit, finish, speed, and trigger pull of a purpose-built single-action match pistol with the versatility and reliability of a striker-fired polymer duty pistol,” the company released in a statement. 

“Not only did we accomplish that, but we did so while wrapping the platform around a magazine that is roughly one-third of the cost of the competition that doesn’t suffer from any of the common issues that current ‘double-stack 1911’ magazines are notorious for. To make the barrier to entry even lower, we priced the 2311 in a range that makes it approachable for the average enthusiast and recreational competition shooters.”

Oracle Arms 2311
It seems like there may be more than one color option in the works, and Oracle Arms has already planned to tap into the optics-ready market. (Photo: Oracle Arms)
Oracle Arms 2311
The clock is at zero. So, hopefully, there will be some next steps for those looking to add the 2311 to their collection. (Photo: Oracle Arms website)

So, what’s behind this rather charming tactical Frankenstein’s creation:

  • Five 9mm configurations: Compact, Compact Elite, Combat, Combat Elite, and Competition
  • Modular grip and magwell 
  • SIG P320 magazine compatibility (Yeah, read that again!)
  • Patented debris clearance channels in critical areas 
  • Includes right-side slide lock with ambidextrous controls
  • Optics ready with four interchangeable slide plates
  • Linkless barrel and bushing-free design for a simpler takedown 

Kicking out fancier and more tactically-inclined forms of the 1911 has become a bit of a craze lately. But to be fair, the growing love for the 2011 is proving strong as well, and we’re not hating on the extra love for all things 1911.

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MSRP on the 2311 isn’t cheap, but it’s also not bank-busting when compared to many nice – I guess we’ll have to say standard now – 1911s on the market. Depending on the model, expect something between $1,700-$3,000, though we’re not hopeful these will be stacked on shelves long enough to gather dust. So, maybe keep an eye open and a credit card on hand if you’re desperate to add the 2311 to your 1911/2011 collection.  

Hunt Fish Shoot got some early hands-on time in the below video at SHOT:

Banner image: Oracle Arms 

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