Taurus has decided to give its famed Judge series of .410 bore/.45 Colt wheel guns an upgrade in fit and finish. 

The new Executive Grade Taurus Judge moves the well-known revolver from the mail room to the top floor with a hand-fitted action, presentation grade grips, hand-polished satin finish, a brass bar front sight, and other improvements.

The five-shot Tracker-framed .410/.45 has a 3-inch barrel and 9.5 inches overall length. (All photos: Chris Eger/Guns.com)

Taurus says the upgrades to this model Judge translate into exceptional performance in the accuracy department. 

"During testing, the new Judge Executive Grade successfully engaged targets out to 100 yards. This means that the Judge is now the perfect close-in defense gun…that can also reach out and touch dangerous game at long range," said the company in a release.

Top Shot Caleb Giddings Taurus Judge
Here, Top Shot Caleb Giddings, one of the best-known revolver guys in the country, gives the EG Judge a spin on the range on Monday's SHOT Show's Industry Day at the Range. 

The price of the Executive Grade Taurus Judge is $949, suggested. 

revolver barrel loading graphic