By far the biggest news at Hornady – and one of the major caliber headlines for 2023 – is the launch of Hornady’s 7mm Precision Rifle Cartridge. The 7mm joins the company’s already successful PRC siblings, the 6.5 and .300 PRC. The newbie essentially fills the gap between those two, packing long, heavy-for-caliber projectiles on a standard long action. Hornady is clear, though, that the 7mm PRC uses “temperature-stable, magnum speed propellants for consistent velocity and longer barrel life.” 

One of the most difficult aspects of launching a new chambering is always getting multiple firearms manufacturers on board. Hornady had that licked from the get-go. As of SHOT Show 2023, there are 23 manufacturers building rifles for the round. To be fair, many of them are custom or semi-custom builders, but there are plenty of mainstream production options, too. 

By far the biggest news is a new 7mm PRC round with guns on the way to launch some far-flying bullets. (Photo: Kristen Alberts/

Brands like Mossberg, Ruger, Remington, Savage, JP Sauer & Sohn, and Springfield sit alongside names like Seekins Precision, Gunwerks, Christensen, Fierce Firearms, and Best of the West. In addition, Hornady advertises that hunters can swap barrels from their existing 7mm Remington Magnum or .300 Winchester Magnum rifles to make the switch. 


Hornady is offering three initial factory ammunition choices at the time of the launch: 160-grain CX Outfitter, 180-grain ELD Match, and 175-grain ELD-X Precision Hunter. The latter advertises a muzzle velocity of 3,000 fps with 3,497 foot-pounds of energy. It’s not just loaded ammo, with Hornady offering ample accessories and components for handloaders as well, from brass and dies to bullets. The 7mm PRC is built for everything from medium and large game to competition shooting. 

Sub-X Subsonic Ammo Line Expands


Subsonic Ammo
If you're gonna add a quiet can, you might as well opt for quiet bullets, too. (Photo: Kristen Alberts/

Though everything else falls in the shadows of the 7mm PRC, Hornady actually showed off a number of other interesting products for 2023. Its Sub-X line of Subsonic eXpanding bullets now lists several new calibers, including 7.62x39mm. There’s little doubt that suppressor sales and use, especially for hunting, is booming. 

Using subsonic ammunition loads like Hornady’s Sub-X is the way to go. The full contingent lists .300 Blackout, .30-30 Winchester, .350 Legend, .450 Bushmaster, .45-70 Gov’t, 9mm Luger, .40 S&W, and .45 Auto. The rifle rounds use Sub-X projectiles, while handgun calibers are tipped with XTP bullets. 

Premium Muzzleloading Projectiles

Muzzleloading hunters will be pleased with the advancements in projectiles. The new Bore Driver ELD-X brings the longer-range features and accuracy of ELD-X bullets to black-powder guns. Hornady is clear that these are not sabots but rather a polymer base that seals the bore with an ELD-X bullet atop. These muzzleloader bullets are built to deliver greatly increased range and accuracy potential. 

BoreDriver ELD-X Bullet
Hornady has a new bullet option to extend muzzleloaders' ranges with the Bore Driver ELD-X bullet. (Photo: Kristen Alberts/

Though we’ve yet to put them to the test, Hornady advertises that it “can take a muzzleloaders effective range out to 300-yards or more without switching guns or even changing to a faster twist barrel.” The .50-caliber .499 Bore Driver is 340 grains. Be forewarned, however, using Hornady’s special ramrod tip is suggested to prevent damage to the ogive while seating the projectile. Bore Driver ELD-X sells in 12-count boxes. 

New in Reloading


Hornady Reloading Scale
Hornady is offering some added precision for reloaders as well with a new Precision Lab Scale. (Photo: Kristen Alberts/

New for reloaders is a Precision Lab Scale. The enclosed device delivers precise measurements for serious competition shooters. Readouts rate down to 0.01-grain with a 3,000-grain capacity. The company continues to crank out a wide selection of projectiles, brass, gear, and accessories for the loading bench. Hornady also offers a slick app for reloaders. The Hornady Reloading App is free, but users have the option to purchase individual load data or download the entire latest manual.  

Hornady Security

Hornady Security gets some major additions for 2023. There’s a Dual-Lid Lockbox that allows for a handgun and ammunition to be locked separately yet on the same unit. 

Dual-Lid Lockbox
Combining ammo and your home defense gun into separate compartments on a single storage device, the  Dual-Lid Lockbox makes safe storage practices easy. (Photo: Kristen Alberts/

Hornady’s Square-Lok organization system aims to tidy up gun rooms, reloading areas, and firearms hangouts with specialized panels and accessories. Panels are available in either 12x18-inch or 18x36-inch options with two per package. Add-on options include multiple styles of gun racks and holders, wire and metal shelving, parts bins, drawers, and pistol rests. 

Square-Lok Panel
And to help with organization, the Square-Lok Panel brings some easy flexibility to your gun room. (Photo: Kristen Alberts/

An Ammo Cabinet uses the Square-Lok system and is built for – you guessed it – stashing ammunition. The cabinet measures 18x12x40 inches and weighs a hefty 47.8 pounds. The Square-Lok walls offer air flow, while sturdy shelves support 100 pounds each. The unit includes two barrel keys, one magnetic motion light, two adjustable shelves, three plastic ammo cans, three shelf mats, and 10 magnetic rewritable shelf labels. Users are able to bolt multiple cabinets together for increased storage or to create a workbench. 

revolver barrel loading graphic