Long in development, the newest revolver in the Taurus catalog is a beefy compensated Raging Hunter chambered in the very capable .460 S&W Magnum. 

The new 10.5-inch barrel Raging Hunter model features a proprietary compensator that very effectively tames the recoil of the 460. We tried it on the range at SHOT Show this week and it felt akin to a stout .357 in a 3-inch or a full house .44 Mag in a Model 29. 

Taurus says the revolver's muzzle brake is the first of its kind and helps tames the felt recoil of .460 Mag for the shooter, allowing rapid follow-up shots. 

We were able to get a sneak peek of the new Raging Hunter .460 model while visiting Taurus late last year-- and it was impressive even in the photo studio. Although the company had already marketed an 8.37-inch variant, it had a more traditional profile sans compensator. 


Raging Hunter .460 model
With a dual lock-up cylinder, the overall length is 16.22 inches while the weight is 71.26 ounces (unloaded) or about 4.5 pounds. (Photo: Paul Peterson/Guns.com)
Raging Hunter .460 model
Note the fiber optic in the muzzle brake and the top Picatinny rail, the latter of which provides an excellent optic mounting platform. The production model has picked up a bottom rail for attaching stabilizing devices like bipods or shooting sticks. (Photo: Paul Peterson/Guns.com)
Raging Hunter .460 model
The Taurus Raging 460 Magnum with its 10.5-inch barrel and compensator, can safely chamber and fire the less powerful 454 Casull and 45 Colt rounds. With the compensator, 45 Colt rounds feel almost like a popgun. (Photo: Chris Eger/Guns.com)


MSRP of the newest Taurus Raging 460 Magnum is $1,269.

Video by Ben Philippi/Guns.com

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