Connecticut Valley Arms (CVA) has long been a powerhouse in the black powder hunting world. However, recent years have seen them make some major advancements that are greatly expanding effective hunting ranges--in some cases out to four football fields. That’s why CVA’s latest premium muzzleloading upgrade--the Paramount Pro V2--was drawing plenty of buzz at the outdoor industry’s annual 2023 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Here’s what you’ll want to know about the Paramount Pro V2, where its legal, and how its redefining the black powder hunting market. 

About Paramount Muzzleloaders

A quick primer for those unfamiliar with CVA’s Paramount line of rifles in general shows these muzzleloaders are quite unlike the vast majority of black powder rifles. These long guns were engineered to handle what the company calls “super-magnum” charges of Blackhorn 209 propellant. 

A closer look at a couple of the Paramount Pro V2 muzzloaders. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

There’s more to it, but at the end of the day, the Paramounts are capable of providing muzzle velocities comparable to many popular centerfire rifle cartridges, with both accuracy appropriate hunting energy advertised well in excess of 300-yards. Driving that is the company’s VariFlame breech plug which utilizes hotter large rifle primers rather than the industry standard 209 shotshell primer. The previous Paramount family includes the original, an HTR, a Pro, and now the Pro V2. 

Meet the Paramount Pro V2

The new-for-2023 Paramount Pro V2 is touted as the company’s lightest and most versatile Paramount rifle yet. Available in both .45- and .50-caliber, the former is a full 8-ounces lighter than its predecessors. While that may not seem like much, ounces add up quickly when toting a rifle over hunting terrain all day. 

The Pro V2 uses a 26-inch Bergara barrel, from CVA’s partner company of Spanish origin. The .45 caliber shows 1:22 twist rate, and while not yet announced, we expect the 50-caliber to match. The receiver is drilled and tapped for short action model 700 bases with 6x48 screws. 

A closer look at the Greyboe stock on the Paramount Pro V2. (Photo: CVA)

Metalwork is nitride treated and Cerakoted. Of particular interest is the threaded muzzle, done at 3/4x20, seldom found on muzzleloaders. A quality Limbsaver recoil pad helps absorb felt recoil, though at 8.6-pounds, the weight of the rifle likely mitigates some kick as well. Removeable stock spacers add to the level of adjustment for user configurations. QD swivels come standard. Other upgrades include a fully adjustable TriggerTech trigger and Cerakote barrel finish that complements the stock’s hand-painted camo.

An upgraded Grayboe fiberglass stock features a comb riser, which allows the shooter to naturally align eye and optic. That can be especially important on a platform like the Paramount muzzleloaders, because some states allow use of higher-powered riflescopes while others restrict to only iron sights. 

Achieving a comfortable cheek weld in those two instances is quite different, and now shooters can customize their stock accordingly. Speaking of sights, the 50-caliber Pro V2 comes standard with the Williams Micro-Adjust peep sight combo, while the .45 version is drilled and tapped to accept the same peep setup. 

What About Legality?

That setup makes sense, as most states that limit the use of powered optics also require a minimum of 50-caliber for hunting big game. Colorado is one of the most popular big game black powder hunting destinations that falls into this category, though plenty of other states require one or both of the above restrictions, including many Western states. CVA includes a map showing legal states for their particular muzzleloaders, but as always, buyers should research local area laws in advance, as guidelines are updated annually. 

A closer look at the unique action on the CVA Paramount Pro V2. (Photo: CVA)

Though the guns look like a modern bolt action, they are still fully considered a muzzleloader. As such, one final selling point involves actual purchase of the Paramount rifles. While several other premium, long-range black powder rifles are built in such a way that they require an FFL, the Paramount family does not, meaning the rifles can--in most cases--ship directly to your doorstep. 

What you Get

Innovation doesn’t come cheap, though the Paramount Pro V2 is changing the face of muzzleloader hunting. Retail pricing on the Paramount Pro V2 is set at $1,920, and that includes a host of extras: Quake Claw sling, carbon fiber collapsible ramrod, range rod, VariFlame adaptors, a MOLLE pouch, and one package of Powerbelt ELR projectiles. That includes CVA’s recommended products, like the specially designed ELR bullets which are longer and ballistically superior to more traditional Powerbelts. Of course, shooters can use others, but CVA maintains a webstore with all the suggested items. 

Other CVA Arms

While all the focus falls on CVA’s premium line of Paramount muzzleloading rifles, there are plenty of more affordable black powder rifles in the company’s catalog. CVA’s more longstanding lines-- Accura, Optima, and Wolf-- filled another display wall. 

For black powder hunters seeking modern conveniences for traditional seasons, CVA has things covered. The company is continually innovating not only in the blackpowder space but also its growing line of bolt action centerfire hunting rifles. CVA falls under BPI Outdoors, holdings company for Bergara, Durasight, Powerbelt, and Quake. 

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