You can count on Keltec to arrive in style with new products and innovation at any show, and SHOT Show 2023 did not disappoint. We looked at two new interesting offerings, the KSG410 and the P17 optics upper assembly.

Let’s dive in.

Newest KSG

The KSG410 is the little brother to the KSG bullpup 12-gauge pump action shotgun. The KSG410 is chambered to fire .410 shotgun shells, both 3-inch and 2.75-inch. Just like its big brothers, it’s fed by two shell tubes that run underneath the 18.5-inch barrel. This gives it a capacity of up to 14+1 for 2.75-inch shells in a very compact package. 

The Keltec KSG is the lightest and smallest KSG yet. (Photo: Don Summers/

Basically, everything is reduced in size, making it lighter than its bigger brother at around 5 lbs. Even the grip circumference is smaller, which makes it ideal for any member of the family to use it for home defense, hunting, or just backyard fun (which is what I want it for). Also, because it’s shooting the .410 load, there is almost no recoil by pump shotgun standards. 

It comes with a carry handle featuring M-LOK slots and a fiber optic front sight, but that can be removed, and you can install a Picatinny rail that will accept optics, lights, laser, or any other iron sights you want. 

If you don't opt for the pic rail you'll still get a carry handle with a bright front tritium sight. (Photo: Don Summers/

I have not been a bullpup guy in the past, but this might turn me around. Bullpups are usually heavy and balanced oddly. This one was lightweight and very handy. Super easy to point and shoot. 

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The KSG410 can easily be carried around with a single hand. (Photo: Don Summers/

Another common criticism of bullpup designs is that malfunctions are difficult to clear because the chamber is deep inside the gun. No problem with that on the KSG410. Just unlock the action and flip it upside down and everything you need to see is right there.

KSGs have a proven popularity and with an MSRP of $495, I will definitely be purchasing one of these for myself. 

Upgrade to the P17

The next new product was a slide assembly for the Keltec P17 rimfire pistol, this replaces the existing P17 slide. It has a lightened and laser cut top plate to reduce the overall slide weight. This weight reduction is to accommodate the addition of an integrated red dot sight. The new slide is designed to run with super, subsonic, or just plain bulk box ammo. How great is that?! It also comes with a threaded barrel for suppressor mounting. 

The laser cut slide makes a light gun even lighter. (Photo: Don Summers/

This new slide has an MSRP of $199 and that includes a Crimson Trace red dot already mounted. For someone who already owns a P17, it’s a no-brainer. But I’m thinking of purchasing a P17 on its own and adding this new accessory. The P17 only has a MSRP of $199, and it is 17-rounds of 22LR fun, it also comes with three magazines. The only thing it was missing was a dot option. Problem solved.

The upgraded P17 proved itself to be a lot of fun during range day. (Photo: Don Summers/


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