SIG has an optimized variant of the 17+1 round 9mm P365 XMacro headed to the market, minus the integrated compensator but with a few extra goodies. 

The new P365 Macro TACOPS will have the slightly taller grip module of the XMacro that comes standard with a frame-mounted M1913 accessory rail for lights and lasers. The upper half is that of a standard P365 XL. What is totally new on the micro 9 is an integrated magwell for faster reloads, an extended slide catch lever, and, as it is a TACOPS package, four flush-fit 17-round magazines. 

We ran into the P365 Macro TACOPS at SIG's media event in Nevada last week on the eve of SHOT Show and got a sneak peek at the new pistol. 


SIG Sauer P365 Macro TACOPS
Dimensions overall should mimic the P365 XMacro. Note the extended magwell. (Photo: Chris Eger/
SIG Sauer P365 Macro TACOPS
The P365 Macro TACOPS can be looked at as a P365 XMacro in which someone swapped out a regular XL top half and added a magwell and extended slide lever. The pistol shown wears a SIG RomeoZero Elite 1x24 micro red dot-- which fits the Shield RMSc/Holosun K footprint of the series-- with its optional metal shield installed. (Photo: Chris Eger/
SIG Sauer P365 Macro TACOPS
Note the difference in the slide lever size between the P365 Macro TACOPS, bottom, and a P365XL, top. (Photo: Chris Eger/


The official release date is likely sometime in February while the price, always an elusive figure with SIG products, will probably be around $800. This compares well to the P365 XMacro, especially when you keep in mind that the TACOPS model comes with four mags.



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