Staccato had their newly released ultra-compact 2011 on display at Shot Show 2023. It’s called the CS, and it’s meant for all-day, everyday carry. It's their smallest and lightest gun so far.

“If you want something for carry 365 days a year, take a look at this gun.”– Nick Roberts, USMC veteran, Southern California police officer, and Staccato Representative.

Meet the All-New CS

The 9mm pistol sports a 3.5-inch bull barrel while weighing just 22.7 ounces. They completely redesigned the grip around a new, proprietary magazine. Because of the redesign, they were able to reduce grip size, but mags for the CS only work for this gun. It’s now much slimmer than the standard-size grips, but the magazines still hold 16 rounds!

This incredibly small and lightweight package still packs a big punch with a 16+1 capacity. (Photo: Don Summers/ 

The grip texture on the CS is also different than other models. I bought the C2 I reviewed last year because I loved it so much but the grip texture never drove me crazy. The grip texture of the compact C2 model had molded-in bumps to allow for comfortable concealed carry when the grip touches the skin. It sacrifices a little bit of stickiness for comfort. 

This texture works fine, but for ultimate grip, many people prefer the more aggressive ‘skateboard-like surface’ of the larger Staccato models such as the XC or XL, and I do as well. The sub-compact CS has a grip texture like the aggressive larger models as compared to the C2’s subtle feeling. I loved the CS’s grip which locked my hand into place.

On the range, I prefer an aggressive grip texture and the CS didn't disappoint. (Photo: Don Summers/


Easy Takedown and Recoil

Next, there is now an external extractor. Traditionally, 1911s and previous Staccato guns have an internal extractor. Staccato went with an external extractor on the new CS to both reduce hand-fitting time in manufacturing. This gives the added benefit of ease of maintenance and cleaning for end users. 

The recoil system is completely new and proprietary for this gun. But it still retains the ability for an easy takedown in the field, with no tools needed. I’ve seen many other smaller 1911s that need specific tools to be taken apart. This is a sticking issue for me, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn about the ease of disassembly. 

Finally, new for the CS, is the option of adding an Aluminum flat trigger from the factory. This is an option many customers have been clamoring for and it has been overdue.

Same Great Stacatto


Speed and accuracy were easy, just like all other Staccato's we've handled. (Photo: Don Summers/

Other than that, almost everything else is the same on the CS as is on the other Staccato pistols. It uses the same optic plate system and iron sights, and it has the same bomb-proof reliability.

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I got to shoot the CS at the Staccato range event and was very impressed. The smaller grip is very controllable and easy enough to get a full grip on the gun. The CS is another home run from Staccato.

Pricing starts at $2,499.

revolver barrel loading graphic