Atlas Gunworks had two new pistols at Shot Show 2023: the compact Ares and the competition Titan RDS.

I’m a huge fan of Atlas guns. I’ve shot a few over the years, and they have always been incredible. These are premium guns at a premium price, but they are some of the best 2011 pistols on the market with many innovative features not found anywhere else.

“You can find other guns as good, but you won’t find anything better,” noted Matt at Atlas Gunsworks

Atlas engineers all its pistols with “return to zero” in mind. The thought process is that all guns have some muzzle flip. Yes, they want to minimize it. But more importantly, when the muzzle comes back from the up lift, Atlas wants its guns to pivot back to exactly the same position as before it was fired. They call this “return to zero.” 

"Return to zero" is engineered into all Atlas guns. (Photo: Don Summers/

With minimal grip pressure, all Atlas guns will settle down right on target after being shot, so you can take the next shot with ease. That is some cool engineering.

New Guns? Meet the Officer-Sized Ares & Titan RDS  


The first new gun they discussed with me was the officer-sized Ares. This gun was revealed last year. The Ares is a 2011 designed for concealed carry. It has an aluminum frame and grip to reduce the weight. The Ares is available in two barrel lengths: 4.25 and 4.6 inches. 

Meet the Ares. (Photo: Don Summers/

There is also a factory option to have the gun ported to reduce muzzle snap even more. Base price starts at $6,000, which includes your choice of red-dot optics plates and three 120mm 15-round magazines.

The new gun at SHOT Show 2023 was the Titan RDS. This is a full-sized, competition-specific 2011. It’s really the updated V2 Model of the original Titan but now with a red-dot system. 

Meet the Titan RDS. (Photo: Don Summers/

Besides the features already mentioned, I was really impressed by the modular grip. It was different than the usual modular grip that just changes the size of the grip. The Titan grips take finger length and thickness into account. There is an insert available that bulks up the void created by the end of the strong-side fingers. It raises up the grip in that area to meet the support-hand palm. This allows for a great grip on the gun. I wish all guns had this feature. 

Also new to the Titan RDS for 2023 is a left-hand version. In the past, 1911s and 2011s were not left-hand friendly. This left-hand model has a left-side magazine release and left-hand-specific ambidextrous safety. 

revolver barrel loading graphic