EAA has doubled down on its popular and growing series of Girsan-made Hi-Power clones with new carry-sized models they had on display at SHOT Show last week. 

We've extensively reviewed the Turkish-made Girsan MCP35 series from EAA and found it a very shootable ode to the classic John Browning 9mm double stack design. However, the new take on this SAO icon puts it into a very carry-friendly zone. 

With its full-sized grip that still accommodates the standard 13+1 Hi-Power mag (or Mec-Gar's new and dimensionally identical 15+1 model, which it ships with), the chopped-down MCP35 PI runs a slim trigger, single-action ring hammer, ambidextrous safety, windage adjustable drift sight, and a 3.88-inch barrel with a matching slide. While just an inch shorter, it's a big difference, especially for those looking for a carry gun.


The EAA Girsan MCP35 PI, is a factory-shortened Hi-Power clone that still accepts standard magazines and most parts, save for slide and barrel. (Photo: Chris Eger/Guns.com)
MCP35 PI compared to a SIG P365
The size puts it roughly the same size as a SIG P365 XMacro
MCP35 PI Ops model
The company is also moving forward with an MCP35 PI Ops model which drops the Mk III-style magazine safety, a feature much-detested by Hi-Power fans, while adding an extended beavertail, G10 grips, straight trigger, beveled magwell, and windage/elevation adjustable rear sight with variants for a direct-mount micro red dot. (Photo: Chris Eger/Guns.com)


While the standard MCP35 PI will hit dealers' shelves in February with a $630 MSRP, the Ops and optics-ready Ops variants will hit the market later this year at a slightly higher price point. 

We have one of the standard model PIs on hand and will have a review published in the coming days, following testing and evaluations. Spoiler alert: it handles well so far.  

Video by Ben Philippi/Guns.com

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