Cadex Defense was showing off their Strike Pro chassis, Seven STARS action, and complete rifle at SHOT Show 2023. With the complete rifle build, I was able to get 2 out of 3 hits at 960 yards in switchy 20-30 mph winds at Industry Day on the range. Needless to say, I was impressed. It felt incredibly stable and soft recoiling so that I was able to easily spot my shots. The bolt throw was light and smooth as was the trigger pull.

The Chassis

This new chassis was built to fit all the shooters that might be in a family, from children to both spouses, no matter the size the Strike Pro chassis should adjust to you. The buttstock is completely adjustable requiring no tools. It also folds for ease of cleaning and transport. Note the folder folds to the right to capture the bolt knob and keep the package low profile, that’s a really nice touch.

Tool less adjustability makes adjustment on the fly a breeze. (Photo: Don Summers/

The entire grip module can move to the fore and aft to accommodate different-sized hands and ambidextrous thumb rests ride right above. The trigger itself can be adjusted to fit different hands. The chassis can accommodate both internal and external weights so individuals can tune the balance point to their liking. There is an integrated full Arca rail and M-LOK slots for the placement of any accessories. 

The stock folds in and will capture the bolt, making for easy transportation. (Photo: Don Summers/

The Action

The Seven STARS action is a three-lug with a 60-degree throw that is completely designed and built by Cadex. They did a 60-degree action because it reliably cycles .223, which is a great training round for larger centerfire bolt actions. It uses ubiquitous AICS magazines. The footprint is standard Remington 700. This means any Rem700 trigger will work with it, although, the trigger I used was also built by Cadex and it was great.

The 60-degree bolt throw was incredibly smooth. (Photo: Don Summers/

One thing that really surprised me was the incredibly light and smooth bolt throw. Typically with three-lug, 60-degree actions, you pay for the short bolt lift with a heavier and grittier lift. Not so with the Seven STARS. It was effortless and one of the best I’ve felt.

Nice Extras

One thing I've never seen before, the Strike Pro comes with two magazine wells, a standard one and one for rimfire magazines and actions. The magazine catch is also adjustable up and down to be able to accommodate variances in magazine feeding heights. 

This rifle is purpose-built for precision shooters. (Photo: Don Summers/

Precision rifles shooters know that magazine fitment is one of the most vulnerable parts of a bolt action rifle in terms of reliability, especially with rimfire actions. They definitely designed with chassis with precision rimfire shooters in mind. 

All of this precision and advancement doesn’t come without a price tag though. It will be $1,599 MSRP for the Strike Pro Chassis on its own and $6,122 MSRP for the complete Seven STARS Rifle.

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