Turkish gun maker Canik continues to make waves and this year at SHOT Show 2023 is no different. They brought out a couple new flavors of pistols, one aimed at the competition market where they have been gaining steam in recent years, and one aimed at the concealed carry market. Let’s take a look at these new offerings from Canik.


Meet the Competition Ready Rival-S

SFx Rival-S is the steel frame version of the Canik SFx Rival, a 9mm competition pistol. The original gun was designed with the help of world-famous shooter, Nil Jonasson, who went on to win multiple national and world titles with that gun. The Rival has wrapped up other awards too, including the ICA 2022 Handgun of the Year and Ballistic’s Best 2022 Handgun of the Year. Some of the standout features include aggressive slide serrations and lighting cuts, flat aluminum trigger, magazine well, optic ready plate that allow co-witness with the sights and ergonomic and modular beavertail grip.

Jonasson has been all smiles on the competition circuit after dominating with the Canik SFx Rival. (Photo: Canik)

All these great features are retained on the ‘S’ version of the gun, except now you have the benefit of the heavier steel frame to manage recoil even better. The SFx Rival-S is almost a full pound heavier than the original Rival. Competition shooters like the heft and shooting feel of steel-framed guns and Canik listened. 

The chrome version is truly a sight to behold. Pictures don’t do it justice. It just pops in real life. There is also an all-black "Dark Side" edition.

There is a lot to like about the SFx Rival-S, including the extra heft. (Photo: Don Summers/Guns.com)
And don't forget the aggressive slide serrations and attractive price point. (Photo: Don Summers/Guns.com)

It ships with two 18-round magazines with aluminum base plates, mag loader, mag well, holster, punch/tool kit, and cleaning kit. It also comes with five optics plates, three different grip backstraps, three different magazine releases, and a travel case. 

It has got to be the best value in a turnkey competition pistol at $899. I don’t think anyone else puts more in their packages. I personally have an older SFx which I love, and it always does everything I ask of it. This new gun is a welcome upgrade at an even better value than my original SFx. The Rival-S is shipping this month. 

Canik doesn't skimp on the offerings included with the purchase of a gun and the Rival-S is no exception. (Photo: Canik)

The Ultra-Concealable Mete MC9

Canik also released the sub-compact Mete MC9. It’s clear that micro-compact pistols have become all the rage and make up a huge percentage of the concealed carry community. Canik wanted the ultimate micro-compact pistol to help full their void in this area. This is a 3.18-inch barreled gun is small enough to wear every day, but just large enough to control and shoot well.

It ships with both a 12-round flush fit magazine and a 15-round extended magazine, however, it will accept any size Canik mag from the other pistol lines. If you have a 20-round SFx magazine, it will work. It is also optics ready with 100% co-witness capability. 

Canik has officially thrown their hat in the ring of micro-compact EDC pistols. (Photo: Don Summers/Guns.com)

On top of the standard Canik package of a hard case, holster, speed loader, tool kit and cleaning kit; the Mete MC9 will also have 3 interchangeable backstraps and an optional pinky rest. Initial color offerings will be black, FDE, and two-tone black/FDE. The MSRP is $439. All you need to do is buy the ammo and you are ready to carry. Expect to see these to hit dealers in early March.

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