Vudoo Gun Works, a company that made its bones building custom precision rimfire rifles, keeps turning the industry on its head by launching its new Mobius 1911 pistols and the Morpheus centerfire bolt-action rifle for 2023.

I got a chance to check out both at SHOT Show this year, and I was pleasantly surprised to see some modern innovation and added value brought to two classic firearm designs. 

Meet the Mobius 1911

Vudoo Gun Works Mobius 1911
Does the world need another 1911 maker? Well, turns out Vudoo is doing something different that impacts your end cost. (Photo: Dave Luu/

When I heard about the Mobius, I thought to myself, “Do we really need another 1911 maker?” When I looked at the guns, they seemed high quality. The fit and finish was excellent, and triggers crisp. I’m sure they are reliable and accurate. 

But they lacked features that I have come to expect in many other high-end 1911 builds. Then I learned what really makes these guns different: manufacturing techniques that lead to higher value for the price. 

Aerospace Technology


Vudoo Gun Works Mobius 1911
Vudoo's past work with rimfires really pays off in the 1911 game as well. (Photo: Dave Luu/

You see, most of the gun industry uses decades-old manufacturing techniques, and this is especially true among custom 1911 builders. Typically, hand polishing and fitting takes up a large part of the assembly time. Even for larger and well-known semi-custom 1911 builders, handwork takes at least four to five hours. Fully custom builds double or triple that time. 

In building rimfire rifles, Vudoo Gun Works partnered with an aerospace company to produce some parts. Using these new manufacturing technologies, Vudoo has rethought how to build the 1911, and assembly of the Mobius pistol takes only 90 minutes. Without the labor-intensive steps, Vudoo can sell these guns at a lower price point. 


Vudoo Gun Works Mobius 1911
On top of some nice price benefits, the Mobius offers a lot of options for optics, accessories, and looks. (Photo: Dave Luu/

So, what are you getting? In my estimation, you are getting the fit and finish of a custom 1911 at the cost of a semi-production gun. Vudoo Gun Works’ Mobius 1911s are going for around $3,000. I don’t think you can get anything similar for under $5,000. 

As a nice bonus for those who have hopped on the 2011 bandwagon, Vudoo will soon also sell double-stack 9mm 2011s called the Priest starting in March. Construction of the Priest is different than the Mobius, and it will use Cheely Custom grips. Pricing will be around $3,200.

Morpheus Centerfire Rifle


Vudoo Gun Works Morpheus Rifle
Moving on from rimfire work, Vudoo's new Morpheus uses a Remington 700 footprint and is centerfired. (Photo: Dave Luu/

Vudoo partnered with American Rifle Company to produce this action. The action is basically ARC’s Coup De Grâce action but with Vudoo styling on the outside. 

It is a Remington 700 footprint receiver with an integral recoil lug and integral 20-MOA rail. The three-lug, 70-degree bolt uses interchangeable floating bolt heads and accommodates everything from .223 Rem up to .338 Lapua.

The controlled-round-feed extractor and the patented pivoting bolt handle are designed to easily pull any stuck cartridges from the chamber. The pivoting bolt handle can be swapped out for a fixed handle to convert it to a conventional cam extraction to better tolerate highly sensitive triggers. The feed can also be switched from controlled-round to push-feed. The entire bolt has toolless disassembly.

Vudoo Gun Works Morpheus Rifle
There's a patented pivoting bolt handle, which can be swapped for a fixed version. (Photo: Dave Luu/
Vudoo Gun Works Morpheus Rifle
Welcome to the Matrix, because this gun can be had with some nice enhancements such as a carbon-fiber barrel and adjustable stock. (Photo: Dave Luu/

The receiver works with AICS mags, but it is optimized for AW mags. Magazines will hard-stop against the bottom of the receiver, thus preventing interference with the bolt. It uses a trigger hanger that is compatible with all Rem 700 triggers. 

Vudoo will be doing mostly barreled action and full rifle builds. Initially, they will come chambered in 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5mm Creedmoor, 6.5mm PRC, .308 and .223, with more calibers to come. The estimated release date is May. If you want the action alone, American Rifle Company will be selling its version for $899.

Improved Rimfire Magazines


Vudoo Rimfire Magazine
As if all the above wasn't enough, Vudoo also has a trio of improved mags to make life easier for rimfire shooters. Capacities come in 5-, 10-, and 15-round options, with the 15-rounder featured on the left here. (Photo: Dave Luu/

Vudoo Gun Works also redesigned its rimfire magazines. The first-generation magazines were designed to exactly reproduce the AICS magazine pattern. However, users discovered that not all chassis manufacturers machine their magazine wells as precisely, so there have been fit and reliability issues. The new magazines address this issue.

Vudoo Rimfire Magazine
The magazines also feature an adjustable magazine catch so you don't have to adjust your rifle chassis to the magazine anymore. (Photo: Dave Luu/

What really sets these new Vudoo mags apart is the adjustable magazine catch. Now you don’t have to adjust the chassis to fit the mag. Instead, you can tweak the magazine to fit the chassis. Additionally, the overall shape has been redesigned for competition-style shooting. The front of the magazine is sloped backward to minimize contact when pushing into a barricade.

The new magazines will be aluminum and possibly polymer. They will be available in 5-, 10- and 15-round variants. Release is expected in approximately under two months. No exact number on pricing just yet. 

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