Beretta has quietly posted three new colorways for the well-liked Model 21A Bobcat pocket pistol. 

The new colors include a mottled green/earth color scheme dubbed "Kale Slushy," an all gray/matte silver called the "Ghost Buster," and a two-toned self-explanatory "Silver Black Gorilla." All are in the model's new Covert standard, one that includes an extended-length 2.9-inch threaded barrel rather than the traditional 2.5-inch barrel seen on most variants.

Beretta 21A Kale Slushy
The Kale Slushy Beretta Model 21A Bobcat Pistol in .22 LR. Like all in its family, the barrel tips up to allow easy loading and unloading, which is a selling point for those who may find it hard to work the slide. (Photo: Beretta)
Beretta 21A Ghost Buster
The Ghost Buster Beretta Model 21A Bobcat Pistol in .22 LR. (Photo: Beretta)
Beretta 21A Silver Black Gorilla
The Silver Black Gorilla Beretta Model 21A Bobcat Pistol in .22 LR. Note the rubberized grip that is different from past models. (Photo: Beretta)

Beretta has retained a rimfire "mouse gun" or two in its catalog for well over 70 years.

Beretta Minx 950
Looking back, the company introduced its Model 950 – dubbed the Minx – in .22 Short and Jetfire in .25 ACP, in 1952. 

These innovative little tip-up-barreled pistols continued to garner attention and remained in production until the Model 21 (8+1 .25 ACP) and 21A (7+1 .22 LR) began to replace them in the early 1980s. Importantly, the 21 was one of the first Beretta pistol models produced wholly in the U.S. 

Using a better trigger system than their predecessors, the Model 21/21A, dubbed the Bobcat, retained the same general size and function of the Model 950, coupled with an alloy frame to save weight. While in the past, Beretta offered the models in a satin blued finish and in nickel, they have long been discontinued in favor of a plainer matte black finish, an aluminum Inox finish, and an FDE model. 

Beretta 21A
The 21A has been unseen in some of the best places over the past 40 years, is even smaller than the standard Ruger LCP, and – as it is a .22 – is much easier to control on the range, especially one-handed. (Photos: Chris Eger/

Beretta says the Kale Slushy Bobcat is currently available, with a kind of steep $649 MSRP, while the Ghost Buster and Silver Black Gorilla are listed as "coming soon."

22Plinkster takes the Kale Slushy out for a spin in the below video. 


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