Florida-based European American Armory has just debuted what they bill as the easiest-loading .380 ACP handgun on the market: the MC 14 T.

Produced by Girsan – the same company that has been making a popular series of Beretta 92 clones and Browning Hi-Power clones for EAA – the new pistol uses a tip-up barrel design so that the slide doesn't have to be racked to chamber a round. While Beretta introduced the concept in modern pistols back in the 1950s with the Jetfire and still uses it for the Model 21 Bobcat and 32 Tomcat, none of those "mouse guns" have been chambered in .380 ACP. 

Better yet, while the Beretta mouse guns are single stacks with a 7+1-round capacity of much smaller cartridges, EAA's newest import brings 14+1 rounds with it as a standard flush-fit capacity. 

“With the MC 14 T we wanted a handgun that was not only small and compact but also allowed people that may have issues with racking a slide the ability to carry,” said Chase Duffey, EAA's National Sales & Import Manager. 


The EAA Girsan MC 14 T .380 pistol
The weight on the EAA Girsan MC 14 T is 22.4 ounces, which is a rough match for the Italian-made Beretta Model 81 Cheetah. However, the MC 14 T could be loaded via the tip-up barrel. We'd bet the pistol uses an 81-series mag, however. (Photos: EAA) 

The company sees the MC 14 T as ideal for those wanting a compact carry pistol that has a quick loading procedure with minimal moving parts and requiring less hand strength to rack when compared to contemporary designs. 

"Small enough for a purse, easy to load, and carries 13 in the magazine … it really is the perfect defensive pistol,” said Keith Bernkrant, EAA's President. "The Tip-Up barrel, with its external safety, external hammer, and auto firing pin block, is the solution to many pistol owner’s issues and simple safe carry."

Loading and firing are as easy as 1-2-3, according to EAA. 

The EAA Girsan MC 14 T .380 pistol
1. Load. (Photo: EAA) 
The EAA Girsan MC 14 T .380 pistol
2. Lock. (Photo: EAA) 
The EAA Girsan MC 14 T .380 pistol
3. Fire. (Photo: EAA) 

Further, the price is attractive, set at $498 for the MSRP. This is about $150 less than the current ask on the much smaller Bobcat and Tomcat. Comparatively, that price point is in line with Smith & Wesson's 8+1 capacity M&P380 Shield EZ series, a polymer-framed carry gun that gets its name from its easy-to-rack slide. 

EAA tells us the Girsan MC 14 T is set to start shipping in April.



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