Bond Arms continues to deliver Texas-made double-barreled derringer-style handguns, and the new Stubby fits the bill for an ultra-compact two-shot 9mm. made sure to swing by the booth for one of Bond's principal distributors at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis last week to see just how Stubby the new pistol is in person. Based on Bond's Rough Series Stinger line, which deletes the trigger guard seen on most of the company's other pistols in the interest of increased concealability, the Stubby has a 2.2-inch barrel and an overall length of just 4.5 inches. 

Meanwhile, the 13.3-ounce pistol stands just 3.75 inches high and is only 0.31 inches wide. 

the Bond Arms Stubby
There is no trigger guard, and being single-action-only, once you cock the hammer the pistol offers what is billed as a 7-pound trigger. The pistol has a push-button manual safety behind the barrels. (Photo:

The MSRP on the Bond Arms Stubby is $297.

Photos and video by Samantha Mursan, copy by Alexander Reville and Chris Eger, video editing by Ben Philippi, copy editing by Melea Burke.

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