The industry's first production pistol caliber carbine chambered in the hot new .30 Super Carry cartridge, Hi-Point's Model 3095 is now available. 

We dropped in on the Hi-Point folks while in Indianapolis last week for the NRA's Annual Meeting, and the crowd, as always, was brisk. Front and center was the new .30 SC carbine. 

 Hi-Point's Model 3095
Shipping with a standard 16.5-inch barrel length, the carbine features the company's standard skeletonized polymer stock and ribbed polymer forend. Besides a short top Picatinny style rail, the carbine comes with a front post sight and a peep rear that is fully adjustable for windage and elevation. (Photo: 

Those serious about personal and home defense can dig the value of having ammunition compatibility between their handguns and rifles, and the new .30 SC chambered Hi-Point 3095 carbine enables those who have a .30 SC pistol to share ammo with their PCC. Does this mean Hi-Point has a .30SC pistol on the way? They wouldn't say – but we wouldn't be shocked if they did. 

Our very own Ron Calderone (Grandslam Ronbo) got a pre-release 3095 to kick around in the moondust of Area 51 and has a full review below if you have 18 minutes to spare. 


Offered in a black finish with a 1/2-28TPI threaded barrel and manual safety, the Model 3095 in .30 Super Carry has an MSRP of $359.

10mm Yeet Cannon

Also spotted at Hi-Point was the new JXP 10mm pistol, a mammoth "centimeter" gun that is the most affordable of its caliber in production with any company. 

The new JXP10 has many of the promised Yeet Cannon Gen 2's features – including a redesigned slide and grip – yet still falls back on the same mold as Hi-Point's other full-sized pistols in .40 S&W (JCP) and .45 ACP (JHP). It also uses the same mag as  its Model 1095 carbine, which has been on the market since 2017ish

Hi Point's new JXP 10mm pistol
Like the rest of Hi-Point's familiar line of budget guns, the new JXP10 runs a Zymak zinc-alloy slide and a polymer grip with a striker-fired blowback action. A list of features you aren't going to find from any other pistol maker. (Photo:
Hi Point's new JXP 10mm pistol
The weight is in the 36-ounce range, unloaded. (Photo:
Hi Point's new JXP 10mm pistol
It carried a Burris Fast Fire 2 MRD for the show – on a Pic rail. Again, it works, and it is simple, which is kind of Hi-Point's unofficial motto. (Photo:


Photos and video by Samantha Mursan, copy by Alexander Reville and Chris Eger, video editing by Ben Philippi, copy editing by Melea Burke.

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