New gun day is always exciting, especially if you’re a first-time gun owner or managed to score a model you’ve been wanting, but are you ready to take care of that firearm? 

If you buy Certified Used from, you will be. We’ll send you a free sample of Gun Butter with your gun so in one easy step you can clean, lubricate, and protect it – offer good for as long as our stash of samples lasts.

On the market for 20 years now, Gun Butter was the brainchild of competitive shooter Mark Turney, born out of his frustration with nearly every gun lubricant he tried. After constantly fighting dry gun conditions and lubrication failures due to weather or outside elements, Turney went to work with an aerospace engineering team to design a complete lubricant that would clean, oil, and form a protective film to keep out carbon, dust, water, and debris. 

Mini tubes of Gun Butter
Add Gun Butter to your firearms cleaning and maintenance regimen, and you won't be disappointed. (Photo: April Robinson/

“Your mechanism has continued performance assured, because Gun Butter’s adhesion exceeds the film-strength of molybdenum grease found in many other products on the market,” says Gun Butter’s website, which bills the product as having “unsurpassed smoothness.” 

Gun Butter is non-toxic, non-corrosive, uses synthetic ingredients, and its low odor won’t stink up your hands. With its water/dust/carbon-resistant properties, your firearm will be protected against oxidation and rust for up to two years, the company promises.

Rated for temperatures down to -40 and up to 400 degrees F, this stuff can be used just about anywhere on Earth, and maybe even Mars on a nice day

Wherever you’re headed, this Gun Butter pen makes a handy addition to your kit, and remember that right now, all GDC Certified Used firearms come with a free Gun Butter sample. This offer is limited to the samples we have on hand, so order now!

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