In Oregon, a group of Republican state senators has gone past the point of no return rather than allow a progressive Democrat agenda to proceed. 

As a minority party in the Oregon Legislative Assembly, the GOP only holds 25 of 60 seats in the state House and 11 of 30 in the state Senate. It is in the upper chamber, where Senate President Rob Wagner is trying to push a slate of controversial bills addressing abortion, gender politics, and gun control to what should be an easy final vote for his party. 

One bedrock measure that Wagner and Senate Dems have refused to table is House Bill 2005, which passed the lower chamber earlier this month in a 35-24 largely party-line vote. 

"This bill bans young adults from possessing modern firearms and prohibits licensed concealed carry in as-of-yet undefined areas across the state," said the Oregon Firearms Federation of HB 2005, going on to say the proposal will, "effectively turn all AR-15 rifles into contraband. There are no exceptions for previously owned rifles or law enforcement."

However, a group of Republicans and an Independent that caucuses with them have been absent from the session for the past two weeks, denying the minimum 20-member quorum needed in the Senate to pass legislation. 

Now, with at least 10 Republicans accumulating more than 10 days of unexcused absences in a row, a new state law would prevent them from standing for reelection next term, effectively ending a future political career in the state for many of the lawmakers. Still, they have signaled no intent to return any time soon. 
"Senate Republicans are engaged in a peaceful, constitutional protest of the unlawful, uncompromising, and unconditional agenda the untrustworthy and deeply partisan Senate President has brought forward," said Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp, R-Bend, in a statement Thursday. "We are committed to getting the People's work done, not facilitating an extreme, unlawful, unconstitutional agenda."

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