A new offering from the Italian gunmaker's Lupo line of chassis-style bolt-action hunting rifles, the KAOS series is developed to provide a unique top-shelf experience to owners.

Chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, each Benelli Lupo KAOS will be fitted with an ergonomic stock system and given one-of-a-kind styling "thanks to a carefully selected base coat/overcoat combination that is artfully hand-distressed at the factory to give it a unique appearance." The process includes a base Cerakote finish combined with two or more complementing earth-tone colors selected from a 15-color palette.

Benelli Lupo KAOS line
An few examples of the Benelli Lupo KAOS line, of which no two rifles will be alike when it comes to colorways. (Photo: Benelli)

"Factory firearms, by their regular-production nature, follow established patterns based on their components," says Benelli in introducing the KAOS. "In other words, the gun placed in this box looks just like the gun put in that box and in the one before that. It is reminiscent of Henry Ford's quip about the Model T: 'Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.' In defiance of the conventional assembly line protocols, Benelli is taking Ford's comment to the opposite extreme — you can only have one finish on your Lupo rifle because no two are alike!"

Under the Cerakote, at its heart each KAOS still comes with all the same features as a standard Lupo, including a free-floating Crio-treated 24-inch barrel with a 5/8x24 TPI threaded muzzle, user-adjustable trigger, two-piece Picatinny rail, and detachable box magazine. Each comes with a sub-MOA accuracy guarantee. 

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