The British Army is beginning to field a rifle-mounted day/night fire control system that includes a "drone hard kill mode." 

Purchased specifically to fill a Counter (small) Unmanned Aircraft Systems, or C-sUAS, capability, for the British, the Ministry of Defense has contracted with Israel's Smartshooter to deliver a small quantity of their advanced optics systems. The company's SMASH 2000L, shown in images released by the MOD, is an add-on see-through optics with a lock and track system that can recognize a target and maintain a lock even if it or the user moves. 


Smartshooter SMASH system
The Smartshooter SMASH system, seen mounted on a British Army soldier's Enfield SA80A3 rifle. The soldier's shoulder patch is the Yorkshire Regiment's tactical recognition flash, which makes sense as the SMASH sights were evaluated by the Army’s experimentation battalion, 2 YORKS, last year. (Photo: British Army) 


"SMASH uses image processing to automatically acquire a target from the sight’s field-of-view, and then displays a box around the target in the shooter’s reflex sight," details a press release from the British Army. "The capability will only fire when the sight is aligned to hit the target."


Smartshooter SMASH system
The SMASH system uses target acquisition and tracking algorithms integrated with sophisticated image-processing software. (Photo: Smartshooter)


Smartshooter has long marketed its fire control system as a hard-kill fix for the modern and evolving problem of drones on the battlefield. The company published a dynamic video of a C-UAS trial in the Netherlands from 2020 showing marksmen piling up small commercial drones. 



The initial order of 225 SMASH sights will be delivered under a $6 million contract to "Very High Readiness" units across the British Army by the end of the year.

Further, Smartshooter is also marketing a standalone remote-control C-UAS system based around the SMASH optic as well. 



Will the U.S. Army field SMASH at some point? Well, it may be already as Smartshooter has posted images of what could be evaluations of an M4-mounted optic in the hands of U.S. Army troops, and the company, which has its North America office in Herndon, Virginia, already has a U.S. Defense Logistics Agency's CAGE Code (88RV3) and DUNS Number (06423907). The U.S. Department of Defense only announces contracts valued at $7.5 million or more and small purchases made with unit funds generally don't make the news. 

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