Putting some serious Mad Max vibes into the consumer personal protection market, Taurus just lifted the curtain on a new model of the popular Judge revolver series: the Home Defender. 
The five-shot .45 Colt/.410 bore double-action/single-action revolver sports a 13-inch alloy steel barrel with a forearm that incorporates a forearm-saving cylinder steel blast shield like the one seen on the Circuit Judge revolving rifle series. The result is a medium-framed revolver that runs 19.5 inches overall and weighs 3.6 pounds. 

The new Taurus Judge Home Defender
The new Taurus Judge Home Defender fills a dimensional gap between the standard Judge revolver, which is available in several barrel lengths from 2 to 6.5 inches; and the Circuit Judge rifle, which is now made under the Rossi label with 18-inch barrels. (Photo: Taurus)
The new Taurus Judge Home Defender
Note the Picatinny accessory rail on the forearm, which allows for mounting lights and lasers. Importantly, the Taurus Judge Home Defender ships without sights but has a top Pic rail for optics and red dots, which would be ideal on a firearm such as this. (Photo: Taurus)
The new Taurus Judge Home Defender
The Judge Home Defender’s rubber grips cushion recoil and are interchangeable with any aftermarket Judge grips. For now, the gun is only available in black with synthetic furniture.  


The MSRP on the new Taurus Judge Home Defender is $729.99.

Alan over at Olde English Outfitters got his hands on one of these big .410/45s and has his thoughts on the interesting new revolver below: 


revolver barrel loading graphic