North Carolina's Angstadt Arms on Tuesday announced a new baffleless ISR and suppressed barrel platform. 

The new and innovative Vanquish system features a ported barrel design that alleviates the need for traditional baffles, while – much like vaunted integrally suppressed sub guns like the HK MP5SD – allowing standard velocity 115-grain 9mm ammo to be subsonic with no first-round pop. 

Compare the Vanquish Baffleless Suppressor in both long and short configurations running Remington 115-grain and Winchester 147-grain 9mm loads, both dry and wet, in the below video. The company says they are achieving an average reduction at the muzzle of 40 dB. 



Plus, as Angstadt points out, one cannot have a baffle strike if one does not have a baffle to strike. Further, with no baffles, maintenance and cleanup is a snap. 

Angstadt plans to market the Vanquish series across several different offerings, including an all-up rifle, a two-stamp factory SBR, uppers, and suppressed barrels that are compatible with any straight blowback AR9, such as the UDP9

The Vanquish rifle, besides the suppressor system, will ship with an EMT-9 trigger, an ambidextrous Radian Raptor charging handle, and a Talon safety selector, as well as a BCM vertical foregrip. 


Angstadt  Vanquish Baffleless Suppressor system
The Angstadt Vanquish rifle, with a 16-inch barrel, will be offered for an MSRP of $1,995. It takes Glock 9mm double-stack mags and has Magpul furniture. (All photos: Angstadt)
Angstadt  Vanquish Baffleless Suppressor system
Besides black, the rifle will be offered in a choice of assorted Cerakote finishes. 
Angstadt  Vanquish Baffleless Suppressor system
The Angstadt Vanquish factory SBR variant, with a 10.5-inch barrel, is the same price as the standard-length rifle but requires double the tax stamps. 
Angstadt  Vanquish Baffleless Suppressor system
Complete uppers in both lengths will be offered for $1,095, as will standalone suppressed AR9 barrels (MSRP $585). 


For a deeper dive into the system, Angstadt founder Rich Angstadt and product designer Daniel Smith hold session for 20 minutes. Stay tuned for the 10/22 Takedown they talk about as well.



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