There’s nothing quite like the feel of a classic 1911. It’s been a true piece of Americana for well over a century and have proven themselves from the battlefield to the competition range.

While there are many variations and manufacturers making 1911s, the basics and silhouette remain almost identical to the original M1911 that John M. Browning patented back in 1911.

Perfect whether you’re looking to compete, carry for self-protection or just something fun to take to range day, a good 1911 holster is important. Because of their size and construction, 1911s can be on the heavier side, having a proper well-constructed holster is imperative.

I’ve taken a look at the 6 best 1911 holsters. Whether you prefer a belt holster, a shoulder holster or an IWB, you won’t go wrong with any of these choices!

revolver barrel loading graphic