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What makes a handgun affordable? The obvious answer would be a low price, but there’s more to being an “affordable” handgun than just the price. Sometimes it’s the value within the handgun. You can find a lot of lower-priced 9mm handguns that vary widely in features.

We’re not talking cheap guns. We’re talking solid quality and reliability that you’d bet your life on. We’ve outlined some top contenders. They’re not your typical choices either. Each of these made the list because of price, features, and value for the money.

1. SAR 9

Sarsilmaz Sar 9 Pistol on a range bag


The SAR 9 is Sarsilmaz’s contribution to modern polymer duty guns. With a barrel length of 4.4 inches, the SAR 9 weighs in at just 27.8 ounces, making it extremely lightweight for its size thanks to its polymer frame.

An integrated trigger safety is standard, and it comes with three changeable backstrap sizes to customize the fit and feel for your hand. It also features a Picatinny rail to make adding accessories a breeze.

SAR has several variations available, including slides available in black or stainless matte. If you want to take the platform and add some serious performance, then the SAR 9X might be worth reviewing. You can add two more rounds to your capacity and a better trigger for an extra couple hundred dollars


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2. SCCY Industries DVG-1


Carry guns don’t get much smaller than the SCCY DVG-1.

With a barrel length of a mere 3.1 inches, this small gun weighs in at just 15.5 ounces. That makes it lightweight and compact, perfect for concealed carry. It’s built on a polymer frame and features a steel slide. The grip has finger grooves and stippling for a firm hold. The three-dot sights are adjustable for windage.

The DVG-1 holds 10+1 rounds in a double-stack magazine and is available in a plethora of colors and patterns. Choices on slides include black nitride and stainless. This is a solid little gun at an incredible price point.


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3. Canik TP9

3 Canik Pistols on Woden Pallet

I’m sure you’re wondering how the Canik TP9 came in at #3. Two words, options and features.

The TP9 is more of a “family” of handguns, with price points from sub $500, like the TP9SA, to over $900, like the TP9 Elite Combat Executive with Vortex Viper red dot. Whether you’re looking for a concealed carry gun, such as the TP9 SC, or something full size for use as a duty or competition gun, the TP9 series has a model for you.

Barrel lengths and weights vary from 3.5 inches and 25 ounces for the Elite SC model to 5.2 inches and 29.81 ounces for the TP9 SFT model.

All models feature an ambidextrous magazine release and changeable backstraps to fit the gun to your hand.


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4. BUL Armory Cherokee

bul armory cherokee sitting on table

Coming in at just over $500, the BUL Armory Cherokee offers a great value in a 9 mm handgun. The Cherokee model is available in both full size (barrel length: 4.45 inches) and compact (barrel length: 3.66 inches).

The full size weighs in at 28.11 ounces, and the compact hits the scales at 25.75 ounces. Both feature a slim-line frame with aggressive grip checkering to enhance your grip in wet conditions and aid in recoil management. BUL Armory is an Israeli-based company, manufacturing firearms since 1990.


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5. Ruger Max-9

Ruger max-9 pistol in a display stand

Ruger calls the Max-9 “your next handgun!” With a barrel length of just 3.2 inches and a weight of 18.4 ounces, the Max-9 is perfect for everyday carry.

Despite the width of this handgun being less than 1 inch, the Max-9 has a capacity of 10+1 or 12+1 depending on your magazine. This striker-fired handgun features a quick, smooth trigger pull that offers a clean break and positive reset, which makes it a joy to shoot.

It’s optics ready out of the box and offers a tremendous value for all the features packed inside, including a bright fiber-optic front sight.


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6. Arex Delta

rex delta 9mm displayed on range

The Arex Delta burst onto the scene in 2018. It has a barrel length of 4 inches and a weight of 19.2 ounces, making it a great size for a defensive pistol. It has four backstrap options that allow you to adjust the grip from small to extra-large straps.

The Arex Delta featuring low-profile steel sights to prevent snagging when drawing from your holster. This striker-fired pistol also features a one-slot Picatinny rail, loaded chamber indicator, ambidextrous magazine release, and a trigger with a built-in safety and a short reset.


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7. Taurus GX4

taurus gx4 9mm in a mans hand

The new GX4 from Taurus falls neatly into the micro-compact genre of concealed carry pistols. With a barrel length of 3.06 inches, the GX4 weighs in at 18.6 ounces.

Don’t let the price fool you. Taurus is one of the kings of value. This handgun is small in size, but it still offers excellent capacity at 11+1. This striker-fired gun has a loaded-chamber indicator, flat-faced serrated trigger for comfort and control, and a reversible magazine release for you southpaws.


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8. Diamondback DB9

diamondback db9 in mans hand

Looking for something small? Maybe something that would work for pocket carry? Be sure to check out the Diamondback DB9. While the barrel length is similar to some of its competitors at 3.1 inches, the overall length is only 5.73 inches. Plus, it weighs just 13.4 ounces.

It offers a great price point for striker-fired handgun that boasts a stainless-steel barrel and a capacity of 6+1, making it ideal for EDC as a defensive handgun.


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9. Beretta APX

Four Beretta APX pistols on a blue flag

Designed for military and law enforcement use, the Beretta APX has gone through extensive testing and evaluation by professionals. The result is a durable, reliable handgun that you can depend on for personal use.

The APX comes with three different backstrap sizes to customize your grip. It features fairly aggressive slide serrations that make it easy to rack under difficult circumstances.

The magazine release is fully reversible to accommodate left-handers. It offers an excellent value for the price, and Beretta calls it “the ultimate striker-fired pistol.” Another feature that keeps the APX selling is the modular nature of the platform, which allows you to swap frames between the serialized trigger chassis.


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