Addy Oghakpor and Zack Viator highly recommend that you get into shooting competitions like Red Oktober.

They traveled from their home in Texas to Las Vegas, Nevada, to compete in the Red Oktober Kalashnikov Championship on Oct. 23 - 24, 2021. Prior to competing in Kalash-style competitions, Viator had competed in a three-gun competition. “I did three gun once. The people there are a lot more serious. It’s like a job. And here, I’m here to have fun, and if I win I win, and if I don’t I don’t. And that’s fine,” he said.


Red Oktober was Oghakpor’s first shooting competition, and she loved it. “It’s great. I definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to get started. Just come out here. Just do it. There’s just nothing to lose and everything to gain,” she said.

The two guns they were running were built by Viator from Bulgarian kits. His was an AK-74S and hers an AK-74U. They were pretty much stock except for RS Regulate Optics Mounts on both. “It’s probably the best thing you can get,” said Viator. He had an oversized charging handle on his, and Oghakpor had an ALG Advanced Combat Trigger and being a pistol, a JMac Customs Stock.

Besides their guns, Viator had a Haley Strategic Partners Chest Rig and Oghakpor had a basic Chinese Type-56 chest rig. “You don’t need all of this stuff, I ran my first competition with my magazines in my back pocket,” said Viator.

GREAT EVENT attended Red Oktober, and it was a blast. There was a great deal of "comradery" and a lot of variations of the "Russian Hammer". If you're looking for a more relaxed event to put your AK shooting skills to the test and make lots of new friends, we highly recommend it. Check out our video below.


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