Hate paying to ship the firearms you buy online? Yeah, so do we. That’s why we’re excited to announce that the affordable firearms in our Certified Used Guns Program will now all have free shipping.

It’s not a limited-time affair, we’re doing this for all our Certified Used Guns from now on. You can tell it’s certified by the marking in the corner of the image of the gun you want. But by now, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why?”

Just look for the "Certified" marking and rest easy knowing it has free shipping.

Ever wondered where used guns go to find a new home? Well, a whole lot of them end up here at Guns.com, so we get to offer used guns to you at a great price. The best of the best of these make it to our Certified Used Guns Program.

We run every Certified Used Gun through a thorough 10-point inspection checklist. Only firearms in “excellent” and “very good” conditions pass our in-person inspection test and make the cut. That means we have absolute confidence you’ll like the gun, and you can have peace of mind that the used gun will meet your expectations.

Certified Used Guns are the best choice for getting a used firearm, and we want to make the process easy. Basically, it removes the guesswork for you, and we’re adding free shipping as an added benefit.

Guns.com has a wide range of Certified Used Guns to choose from.

That all means that you can explore a long list of affordable firearms that, while used, still offer quality and reliability – proven Glocks, vintage Colts, or modern Smith & Wessons

The blessing of modern firearms technology is that you can expect a gun to have a really long life. But a lot can happen in that time. Our Certified Used Program ensures you’ll still get a gun that meets our experts’ standards and your own. That, and you won’t pay any of that pesky shipping along the way.

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