Firearm enthusiast Rio McDowell showed up at the SIG Freedom Days event May 6 - 8, 2022, in full tactical gear despite temperatures reaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit. McDowell estimated that all the gear he was wearing cost over $15,000.

“I’m out here at SIG Freedom Days to shoot some firearms,” he said. “I carry my own Sig firearms. I have a 365XL on my hip. It is a compact carry, but I am duty carrying it right now.”

McDowell had his Sig P365XL in a Safariland holster. “Unfortunately, Safariland does not make an optic-ready holster for the 365XL, so I have another one on the way that will have the same QLS fork mounting system to put onto my paddle,” he added.

McDowell turned quite a few heads at the event because he was covered head to toe in tactical gear. With temperatures reaching 100 degrees, most folks were dressed as lightly as possible.

“I’m just an enthusiast,” he said in response to my question, "Why all the gear?" 

“I like to shoot guns. I like to train. I train hard. I’m a gym enthusiast, too. I like to work out, so this is part of my workout routine. A lot of people, they like to hike, go kayaking, camping. I like to be dressed up, suited up, go shoot guns. That’s me. That's my hobby,” he said.