It’s the most wonderful time of year again – You know, the one where you spend a month trying to find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. If you’re anything like me, that means searching, scrolling, and stressing!

If you’ve got a gun lover on your list, is here to make shopping easier for you. We’ve put together a list of the best gifts for the concealed carrier in your life, and it’s filled with fantastic ideas. Let’s dive in… Nalgene Water Bottle

There’s something fun about getting a new water bottle, even when you have 37 others in your cabinet. This Nalgene features an old-school “bad guy” target, which makes it the perfect gift for a gun lover. I prefer the hot pink version.

Magpul DAKA Pouch

The Magpul DAKA pouches are a must for the range, but I also use them in my purse and travel backpack. I love a simple, clean-looking pouch that is multi-purpose, and this fits the bill. Plus, these are affordable considering the high quality.

The material is durable enough for storing gear like extra magazines and ammo. It’s water-resistant, cleans up easily, and the zipper works well, which is essential for a range pouch.

Sticky Holsters

Sticky Holsters are a versatile option for most concealed carry pistols. The holster is lightweight, clip-free, and low-profile. The “sticky” material on the outside creates retention using friction, so it’s easy to draw from.

These holsters are great for many outfits, especially soft-waisted pants like leggings, joggers, and other athletic or leisure wear. Pair it with a bellyband for extra retention, and you have an excellent set-up for walking, running, or hiking.

Kershaw Blur Pocket Knife

The Kershaw Blur is a fantastic option for an everyday carry knife. It’s small enough to conceal and big enough to get a nice grip. The Blur has an assisted opening function that’s smooth and quick every time. Plus, it has TracTec inlays on the grip for a non-slip texture.

G*Outdoors Tactical Backpack

This backpack is the holy grail of range bags. It fits everything you need and then some. It has multiple storage areas and a visual ID storage system with labeled pockets for things like ear and eye protection, tools, and more. The front flap lays flat to create a working surface too.

My favorite feature is the space for the three removable pistol cases. They’re padded and fit one pistol plus four magazines each. The cases slide in and out easily and keep everything organized and protected. This backpack is large, but I find it comfortable to carry with the padded straps and waist strap. Having my hands free is a must.

Federal Premium HST Ammo

I can’t think of a better gift for a gun lover than ammo. Federal Premium HST is optimized for concealed carry. It’s tried and tested, making it reliable for personal protection. A box of this as a stocking stuffer will definitely get you the “best gift of the year” award. 

Froglube Frog Tube Multi-Caliber Universal Cleaning Kit

This FrogLube cleaning kit has everything you need to keep your guns clean and lubricated. Everything fits inside the tube for easy storage at home or in your range bag. 

I’ve used FrogLube products for years because they’re non-toxic, food-grade, and don’t smell like chemicals. Their solvents are also safe for many surfaces, so you won’t ruin your cleaning area.

Pro Ears Silver 22 Hearing Protection

Quality hearing protection is a must when shooting. Especially if your gun lover shoots at indoor ranges a lot. The Pro Ears Silver 22 protects your hearing while allowing you to have conversations and hear ambient sounds. 

I wore these for several hours, and the gel ear cups do a good job of preventing the dreaded “head squeeze” that comes with most hearing protection. My favorite feature is the roller power/sound control. It’s easy to manipulate and has a great range of volume. 

Glock Apparel

It’s not often I come across gun-specific clothing and think, “Hey, I’d wear that!” I steer clear of anything tactical looking because it’s not usually made with women in mind. This Glock women’s retro sweatshirt caught my eye right away, though.

I love the color and distressed look with the exposed seams, and the curved bottom band is perfect for concealed carry or a day at the range. The fit is oversized and long so consider sizing down. Plus, there are other options for men.

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