Maybe guns aren’t your thing, and that’s OK. Maybe you recently inherited your grandfather’s treasured shotgun. While it might have been important to him, maybe it’s not something you’d be interested in using or even keeping around the house. 

If you’re thinking of selling your guns to a government-run so-called "buyback" program, I’ve got one word of advice: Don’t! 

First of all, you won’t be actually selling them. You’ll be turning them in to be destroyed, and that is a difference.

While it seems tempting to drive to an advertised gun buyback held by a local crusading anti-gun group to hand over your unwanted guns, you’d be making a big mistake. Sure, you may drive away with a debit card or cheap tickets to a ballgame, but there’s a better way. 

It's better for you and better for your unwanted guns. Sell us your guns. That’s right, will buy them, and you’ll be pocketing a lot more than the pittance a buyback program will offer you. Best of all, the process is easy and fair!


Problems With Buybacks

Buyback Guns
Gander at this trunkload of mostly old bolt-action rifles sold on the cheap and gathered at a recent San Francisco Police Department “buyback” with tax-payer dollars. It’s not exactly dignified, much less interested in the monetary or historical value of any of these guns, which include a fair number of vintage firearms. There are a few survivors of World War II on the way to the trash here. (Photo: SFPD)

Groups that offer buyback programs usually schedule them once a year at the most. Sometimes, they’re not even offered in your area depending on where you live. That means your unwanted guns are just sitting around collecting dust until you can figure out when and where it’s convenient enough to find a buyback event. 

When you hand in a gun to a buyback program, regardless of what type or what value it’s worth, the law enforcement agency that helps with the collection destroys it. That’s right, they chop them up and melt them down. While you may not want to keep that heirloom firearm that you inherited, destroying it just seems wrong, especially in the case of a rare gun that tells a story in steel and walnut. 

Why not let someone else enjoy it? After all, buyers who take the time to search for that exact model rifle, pistol, or shotgun and find it on our website – because you gave it a new life – will treasure it as much as the first owner did, keeping its legacy alive.

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We care about your gun and its value to you, so just start by telling us about it.

Plus, have you seen the lines at those buyback events? Bring snacks and be prepared to spend a lot of time awkwardly waiting for your turn. These events are held so infrequently, people less educated on better options often flock to them because they don’t know any better. Often, they even get shut down due to the overwhelming response when the debit cards run out. You could sit all day and still have to drive home with nothing accomplished. Even if you are lucky enough to get a $50 gift card out of it, think of what an sincere offer on the true value of that gun could be. 

Remember, those guns may have historical value. If they do, you’d never know it with a buyback program. What a shame it would be to destroy them. Just imagine the money you’d be missing out on if they do end up being valuable. All it takes is a quick call or a few strokes of your keyboard to discuss the process and get a quote from us. 

Better Way to Sell Your Guns Warehouse
We have a lot of experience helping gun owners make money and give their old guns a new home. (Photo: Samantha Mursan/

Remember when I said there was a better way? We buy hundreds of guns every day. That’s right, if you’ve already made the decision that you don’t want to keep your guns, for whatever reason, you can sell them now. You don’t have to figure out how to safely store them for the long term while you spend hours and days researching buyback programs online to see if any are scheduled in your area. 

How does it work? Our website spells out how easy it is to sell us your unwanted guns. Check out the details here.

Basically, the procedure is this: 

  1. Tell us about your firearm
  2. We’ll make you an offer
  3. Ship your guns to using a prepaid mailing label
  4. Get paid
We Buy Guns
It really is this simple.

Yes, it’s that easy! But if you’re still questioning whether to schlep on over to a buyback, I’ll give you even more reasons to sell us your guns. 

They’re valuable. Our experienced experts can evaluate each individual firearm and present you with an offer to purchase it based on its true value. Buyback programs pay the same low price whether the gun is not much more than a block of metal or a valuable antique. When you sell to, you’ll get the value you deserve. 


Don’t feel like spending half a day to turn your unwanted guns in for less money than you could find in your couch cushions? Sell them to and make one trip to mail them. The only waiting you’ll have to do is to collect the check we’re sending you, which happens fast once your guns are received on our end. Chances are that check is going to be for more than the flat rate offered by buyback programs. 

We’ve been buying guns for years. We know the process and how to make it fast and efficient for our customers. 

Never sell to a gun buyback program. Selling to us is easy and efficient. Selling to is the safest, most convenient way to get the most cash back for your unwanted guns, we even cover the shipping! 

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