When I asked Cameron Hopkins to choose his favorite machine gun from his 50+ select-fire collection, he grabbed his Heckler & Koch MP5 SD.

Hopkins was at the Big Sandy Shoot in Arizona in March 2021 with his machine guns. As president of SuperVel Ammunition, he also had quite a bit of ammo to put downrange. He loves all of his guns, but if he had to choose one, and only one, it would be his H&K MP5 SD.


The SD stands for Schalldämpfer, which is German for "sound suppressor." The gun features an integral, but detachable, aluminum sound suppressor. The 5.7-inch barrel has ports drilled forward of the chamber through which escaping gases are diverted into the surrounding sealed tubular casing that is screwed onto threading on the barrel's external surface just prior to the ported segment.

The gun is incredibly quiet and very controllable, as Hopkins demonstrated to pleased spectators at the event. The suppressor not only reduces the sound signature of the 9mm bullet being fired, but it also reduces the speed of the bullet leaving the gun. This means you don't need to use subsonic ammunition in this gun. "So, if you want to be as quiet as possible, you need a suppressor to take care of the sound of the gunshot, but you also need the bullet, the projectile, to be going below 1,100 feet per second, which is the speed of sound," said Hopkins.



heckler koch sp5
H&K made gun-lovers dreams come true in 2020 when they released the SP5, a semi-auto version of the iconic MP5. (Photo: Ben Philippi/Guns.com)

In 2020, Heckler & Koch made the dreams of many gun-lovers come true when they released a semi-automatic version of the MP5 called the SP5. Finally, consumers could own one of the iconic guns in the world. We filmed with Johannah Zabal in 2018 as she competed in her first subgun match with her H&K MP5, which she absolutely loves.


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