Tristen’s first firearm was an affordable Taurus G2C that offered a budget-friendly carry companion chambered in 9mm. However, and like so many gun owners before him, he has since moved on to invest in a new carry gun that also pulled on the purse strings a bit further – the Sig Sauer P365. The main reason for the upgrade was added reliability and reduced size.

A shooter fires a G2C pistol
The G2C offered a budget-friendly first concealed carry gun. (Photo: Don Summers/
A man holds the Sig P365
The P365 offered a nice upgrade as a second pistol. (Photo: Don Summers/

While he was not raised around firearms growing up, Tristen saw the appeal of taking his own security into his hands when he was old enough to get his concealed carry permit. That journey started with a search of the local gun shops and the initial investment in a small G2C. 

Tristen started with a used gun, but it didn’t quite meet his needs for improved reliability. That led him to upgrade to a highly concealable and reliable P365. But that first Taurus isn’t leaving his collection just yet. As his first gun, it still holds sentimental value. 

While the P365 is his new go-to carry pistol, it will take a bit more to convince him to part ways with that first gun. Whether it’s a budget gun or not, few gun owners will ever forget the first firearm that pulled them into the shooting community. 

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