Perfect for year-round concealed carry, Inside the Waistband aka IWB holsters are among the most popular style of holster sold today.

Intended for deep concealment, an IWB holster rides between your body and your pants and uses a clip(s) or belt loops to secure the holster to your belt. This method keeps the holster and your gun out of sight and extremely secure.

Depending on the holster, there may be 1 or 2 attachment points to secure it, generally those with 2 attachment points carry the weight of your gun better and may be more comfortable for those long days where you’re out and about. Single attachment point holsters are generally smaller in size, and therefore a tad more discrete and easier to conceal because of their smaller size.

Both styles of IWB holsters work well, and I tend to switch my holster depending on my clothing choice for the day and where I’ll be carrying it. Here are 5 great options.

What About “Tuckable” Holsters?

Many of the manufacturers we carry also have “tuckable” IWB holsters.

A tuckable IWB holster enables you to tuck in your shirt, which slides neatly between the specially designed clips, and your pants. While the clips themselves will generally be visible, only a trained eye will notice them, especially if they’re up against a black-colored belt.

Today’s popular IWB holsters are most often made out of leather, Kydex (or plastic / polymer variants), or a combination of both known as a hybrid holster. I’ve selected 5 excellent IWB options, all a little different than the others. These choices have many fits, so there’s a great chance we have a fit for whatever gun you carry on an everyday basis.


Whether you’re looking to tuck in your shirt for a more professional look, or just looking for a great everyday carry option, an IWB holster will fit your lifestyle comfortably keeping your gun secure and at the ready.

They’re popular because of their adjustability, stability and comfortability. Anytime you’re covering your IWB holster with clothing, make sure you practice your draw so you have the proper muscle memory to swiftly and efficiently access your holstered gun, ensuring your shirt doesn’t get caught up in the draw.