When the Glock G45 was released in 2018, no one really expected it. Three years on, could it now be the best Glock ever made? Let's find out.

A few months before the G45 hit the scene, Glock had just released the G19x to much fanfare. The G19X was Glock’s entry to win the US Army contract for a new sidearm. Although the Sig Sauer P320 - M17 went on to win the contest, the G19X was a good-looking gun with Glock’s excellent lineage.



glock g19 g17 side by side 9mm handguns
The G19x (and G45) are a blend of the barrel and slide of the G19 on the left, and the grip of the G17 on the right. (Photo: Jacki Billings/Guns.com)

The G19X combined the features of two of the most popular Glock handguns on the market. The barrel and slide of the G19, and the grip of the G17. The result is a service-sized pistol with great balance, characteristics, and capability.



glock g19x handgun 9mm
The Glock G19X was only available in a desert tan color. (Photo: Chris Eger/Guns.com)

Consumers couldn't wait to get their hands on the new G19X. Law enforcement did as well. However, oddly enough, the G19x was only available in a desert tan color. Although many consumers liked this, law enforcement needed something black. So they reached out to Glock to see what was possible.

Glock responded not by offering a black version of the G19X, but a brand new model: the G45. And no, it’s not chambered in .45 ACP, but 9mm. The "45" stands for Glock’s 45th patent. In fact, that’s how all Glocks are named.

However, the G45 has a few slight differences from the G19X that go past color. 





glock g45 front slide serrations
Front slide serrations on the G45. This is something Glock is starting to do on many of its pistols. (Photo: Ben Philippi/Guns.com)

The G45 kept with the G19X’s crossover of the G19 barrel and slide and the G17 grip frame, but added some features Glock fans wanted for years. Most notably on the exterior are the front slide serrations. This is something that Glock has never offered before, but is starting to do on many of its pistols. Gone from the noir 9mm is the "toe" on the front of the G19X's magwell, as well as the lanyard ring, the latter of which stemmed from the model's military linage. 



glock g45 handgun 9mm
Instead of offering law enforcement a black version of the G19X, Glock did one better. They offered a whole new model: the G45. (Photo: Ben Philippi/Guns.com)

The G45 also includes many 5th generation features of the G19X, such as no finger grooves, a smoother trigger pull, enhanced frame texture for sure handling, a reversible magazine catch, ambidextrous slide stop lever, the Modular Backstrap System (MBS) for individual adjustability, and the Glock Marksman Barrel (GMB).

The gun weighs 24.48 ounces with an empty magazine. It’s 7.44 inches in overall length, 1.34 inches wide, 5.47 inches tall, and sports a 4.02-inch barrel. It has a 17+1 round capacity, although higher volume magazines are available.



glock g45 handgun 9mm
The G45 fills the hand and is fun to shoot. (Photo: Ben Philippi/Guns.com)

I picked up a certified used G45 from the Guns.com vault a few weeks ago and I love it. I personally like full-sized handguns. I think they shoot better than compacts and their capacity is excellent. It’s now my home and personal defense handgun. I like the fact that it’s lightweight, feels great in my hands, has been 100 percent reliable, and there are tons of aftermarket parts.



glock g45 grip handgun 9mm
The grip texture on the G45 could be a bit more aggressive. (Photo: Ben Philippi/Guns.com)

I will say that I don’t much care much for the trigger. I’ll probably upgrade that soon. Although the stock sights are good, the previous owner installed Trijicon Tough and Bright night sights and they are awesome.

I’m going to add a light under the barrel and possibly an RMR up top. Now this is important if you want to add an RMR to your G45. Make sure you buy the MOS model. Mine doesn’t have that so I’ll have to get a new slide with an RMR plate. However, I may just stick with the Trijicon night sights because they really pop.

Lastly, I did find the grip to lack some texture so I’ll be adding some grip tape or get some stippling done.



glock g45 barrel handgun 9mm
I personally believe the G45 is the best Glock ever. (Photo: Ben Philippi/Guns.com)

Other than that, I think the Glock G45 is an awesome and very capable handgun. For the reasons I have stated above, I personally think it is the best Glock ever made.

I’d love to hear what you think. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments section below.


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