Hearing protection is a must while shooting. And if you shoot mostly indoors, as I do, over-the-ear muffs offer the most protection. With my old pair not being as comfortable as I’d like, I tried the Pro Ears Silver 22 electronic earmuffs as a replacement. 

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Pro Ears Silver 22
Fit & Feel
At the Range

Pro Ears Silver 22 Muffs


Pro Ears Silver 22 electronic earmuffs
The Pro Ears Silver 22 is a solid choice for hearing protection under $100. (Photo: Elizabeth Bienas/Guns.com)

The Pro Ears Silver 22 is an electronic earmuff designed to protect your hearing from loud noises while still allowing you to communicate with others. It features proprietary Dynamic Level Sound Compression (DLSC) technology, which helps to amplify sound times five.

The muffs also have two sensitive stereo microphones, one on each ear cup, to give you 360-degree awareness for all types of situations. The Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is 22 decibels, and the response time is 1.5 millisecond.

Included are gel ear seals for added comfort and an adjustable padded headband. A single dial controls the volume, and it’s effortless to manipulate with one hand, even when wearing gloves.

The Silver 22 weighs only 12 ounces and folds up compactly for storage in your range bag. They’re also slimmer than most earmuffs I’ve previously worn. The design is as simple as it gets; if I’m honest, I think they look cheap for the price. 

These muffs use two AAA batteries, which are not included. At this price point, I’d rather them be rechargeable by plugging in, but at minimum, a few batteries could have been thrown in. 

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Fit & Feel


Pro Ears Silver 22 electronic earmuffs
I wish the headband were smaller and cinched down more for a tighter fit on my head. (Photo: Elizabeth Bienas/Guns.com)

My biggest beef with ear pro is that it usually squeezes my head to the point of a headache within an hour. Of course, quality earmuffs will fit tightly – their purpose is to block out sound – but it’s hard to train for long when your head is pounding.

I’ve used a pair of Peltor Sport Tactical earmuffs for about seven years. They’re not my favorite, but they’ve worked well and held up to a lot of abuse. Still, the comfort factor has been an issue, and even after adding gel ear seals, they start to squeeze my head after about 30-60 minutes of wear.

After several trips to the range, I found I get a few more hours of comfortable wear out of the Pro Ears Silver 22. They come with gel ear seals that seem nicer than the aftermarket versions I’ve tried. I get a tight seal around my ears, but the squeezing doesn’t feel as intense. And the gel cups stay surprisingly cool. I thought they’d make my head hot and sweaty, but I found the opposite. 

Pro Ears Silver 22 electronic earmuffs
Once folded, it’s a nice, compact package that makes it easy to store in your range bag or gear closet. (Photo: Elizabeth Bienas/Guns.com)

The headband is also padded and feels cushy to the touch. One big downside for me is that it doesn’t cinch down small enough to fit tightly on my head. As I'm shooting, this causes the muffs to slip down over time, which messes with my hat and glasses. You’ll likely have the same issue if you're a petite adult. On the flip side, my husband has no trouble with the fit. 

At the Range


Pro Ears Silver 22 electronic earmuffs
The Silver 22 stood up to a noisy indoor range with pistols, rifles, and shotguns. (Photo: Elizabeth Bienas/Guns.com)

I first wore the Silver 22 while shooting outdoors and immediately found the audio crisp. It’s quiet where we shoot in the mountains, but the winds can really kick up. The wind noise reduction worked well, so I was anxious to see how they’d perform at a noisy indoor range.

Aside from the sizing, I liked these better than my old Peltors for the noisy indoor range, too. I could hear voices clearly and crisply, which is important since my husband and I shoot together. 

The volume control dial has a wide range to dial in, and I felt I could get an appropriate sound setting throughout my shooting time. I like the position of the dial and found it easy to access and manipulate even while wearing gloves.

The three times I wore them, I was in a bay with people shooting pistols, rifles, and shotguns. The noise reduction worked great, but it fell off noticeably once I got it up to about 50 percent of the volume. At that point, everything sounded loud through the muffs. It’s not a deal-breaker for me, but I sometimes struggled to hear voices.

The ear cups are slimmer than most bulky earmuffs, and they feature a leather padded cutout at the base where you can rest your rifle stock. I found these don’t get in the way as much when I’m shooting rifles. You also don’t have to worry about the ear cups scratching your stock. 


The Pro Ears Silver 22 performed well for me and included the basic features I look for in electronic hearing protection. At $99, they land on the low end of what quality earmuffs typically cost, making them a solid and affordable choice. 

If they were sized more appropriately for petite adults, I’m sure I’d wear these for years to come. I know my husband will get a lot of use out of them instead.

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