I have reviewed a lot of firearms accessories over the years. During the course of my law enforcement career, I evolved my opinions as new products came out. So when something new comes along that seems to reflect the needs or tactics I hold dear, I pay attention. This led me to a bit of a philosophy when it comes to a fighting rifle. 

Regardless of what you choose — length, caliber, brand — you should install optics that fit your application, a light for clearly identifying targets, and a high-quality sling. Now I’m going to add one more item to dovetail with that sling: the Sentry Strap from NeoMag.


The Sentry Strap provides quick access to your sling while storing it out of the way with a magnetic fastener when not in use. (Photo: Sean Curtis/Guns.com)

The Sentry Strap is a straightforward, simple product that works incredibly well. Its function is to keep your sling out of the way until it is needed. It then releases the sling with minimal effort, allowing the user to enjoy all the benefits a sling provides. This solves quite a few problems. 

I have worked from a vehicle for my entire carrier and kept my long gun secured in some kind of lock. When deploying that rifle, the sling can get hung up in a lot of different places, slowing you down. With the Sentry Strap in use, the sling stays tucked neatly against the side of the rifle until you pull it free. You can still use the rifle normally before and after the sling is released.  

The strap simply wraps around the handguard of your rifle and attaches to itself with hook and loop. It has an additional elastic strap that covers your folded sling and reattaches to itself with a magnet. The strap is strong enough to keep the sling neatly secured but releases easily with a good tug.


NeoMag first came on the scene with a pocket clip for pistol magazines. This device enabled the user to stow an inverted magazine in a front pocket while appearing no more conspicuous than a pocketknife. Concealed carriers have often sought good options for carrying extra ammunition without tell-tale giveaways. NeoMag had a solution, and much like Magpul it expanded and evolved.

With the Sentry Strap, you can have all the benefits of running a sling on your rifle and not look like a soup sandwich when you try to haul it out of your vehicle. This product can literally save seconds when saving seconds might mean saving lives. It is also available in a variety of colors to match your application and can include an extension for bulkier slings.

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