Target shooting is fun, but it's even better when the targets provide feedback. When paper is too boring and explosive canisters are too much, check out Spüt. This brand of targets is a newbie to the industry – a Kickstarter darling that puffs out color-filled clouds with every shot. 

What Are Spüt Targets?

Spüt Targets
Spüt targets are filled with a honeycomb of 121 tiny pockets of colored powder, meaning each shot will provide a poof of colorant without draining the entire target of its filling. (Photo: Spüt)

The physical targets measure 5.75 inches by 7 inches, and they come in packs of four, with each package including a set of metal legs. Every target is filled with a honeycomb of 121 tiny pockets packed with colored powder, meaning each shot will provide a puff of colorant without draining the entire target of its filling. 

The premise is that each target is filled with two colors – one for the center diamond or bullseye, and a secondary hue for the surrounding area. Hit the white area outside the diamonds and there is no color. This allows shooters to see and know where they hit without walking downrange after each shot or studying the paper with a spotting scope or binoculars. 

Spüt Targets are reactive without being explosive, so no concerns about distance, damage, mixing, storing, or shipping woes. They’re listed on the website at $29.99 for four. The product was launched as part of a crowdfunding Kickstarter capital campaign, and the targets are made in the USA. 

Color and Function

Spüt Targets
Spüt targets offer a variety of color types. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

Spüt Targets come in four color combination options: red with a green bullseye, orange with a blue bullseye, blue with a red bullseye, and green with an orange bullseye. The choice is purely personal, though we did find certain colors show up better in different conditions. For instance, we did some shooting on a dreary, snowy day and the reds appeared better than the blues against the icy backdrop. The reverse was true when shooting against a red clay berm. Even under less-than-ideal conditions, the colored clouds drifting away from the target were enough to be instantly recognizable.

Best of all, Spüt Targets are not limited by caliber. They are advertised to react with everything from pellet guns up to the largest centerfire magnums. Visual confirmation of your shot placement is instant. The company does advise – on the back of the packaging – to keep the targets away from open flame because they use a cornstarch-based powder that is combustible if exposed to direct flame. They are not, however, explosive or incendiary. 


Range Testing

Spüt Targets
We shot our Spüt targets with the new Savage Impulse rifle in .300 Win Mag at distances from 50 yards out to over 200 yards. The color-filled targets offer instant feedback. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

We spent time on the range tuning up our new Savage Impulse straight-pull bolt-action rifle in .300 Winchester Magnum. The target performed exactly as advertised. The only issue was the recoil pulling the shooter off the spot and missing the poof at closer ranges, though bystanders were quick to react to the colored clouds. At extended distances, 100 yards and greater, the targets provided instant shooter feedback. In fact, it became a range-game challenge to see who could hit the bullseye, with negative points going to those who didn’t hit the colored portions of the target. 

We spent several long days on the range and only went through two targets, and both of those still had some life left. While the premise is similar to some other shoot-and-see targets, those often still require binoculars to see the hole at distances. Here, the puff of colored dust is surprisingly visible even over 100 yards away. One possible problem for longer-range shooting is the physical size of the targets. Those shooting 300 yards or more, especially in wind, would benefit from some larger options.

The only other drawback we found was that after a nice range day of blasting colors, picking up the targets can spread the powdered around. The powder inside the targets, though harmless, will get on your hands and clothing if you’re not careful. It is non-toxic and biodegradable, so there are no worries about the environment, which can be a concern with the contents of other more explosive variants. 

If you’re in the market for some different targets that kick things up a bit on the range, give the American-made Spüt Targets a try. 

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