Smith & Wesson has quietly rebooted a discount program dubbed American Guardians, and chances are that you or someone you know can benefit from the discounts. The program is designed to specifically benefit all active and retired first responders and military veterans. That adds up to a pool of around 10 million people.

In addition to getting a discount on the huge catalog of S&W firearms, including some unique models only available to professional end-users, the Guardians get a free pair of Smith & Wesson Model 100 handcuffs, the gold standard of the LEO community. These iconic handcuffs are valued at $35 and are free with every purchase. Doesn’t matter if you purchase one or 100 guns through the program, you’ll get a pair free pair of cuffs to boot. 

A free pair of the S&W Model 100 handcuffs, like the ones shown here, will be given away with every purchase through the American Guardians program. (Photo: Smith & Wesson)

This was an easy move for Smith & Wesson, which wants to continue a tradition of honoring the military and first responder community. 

“We've been around since 1852, and really one of the biggest reasons for our success has been military and law enforcement sales throughout the years,” Matt Fehmel, Senior Director of Global Professional and International Sales, told “This is an opportunity for us to acknowledge our heritage in our close connection with professional end users but also as an American company to say “thank you” to military law enforcement, EMTs, and anybody that is in an occupation that serves others. 

“We appreciate what they're doing, and we're willing to offer them substantial savings. It's something that we do to support that population and just as a matter of saying “thank you” to them.”

There are roughly 9,000,000 military veterans with DD214s, making them the largest group able to take advantage of this program. (Photo: Smith & Wesson)

It’s not just law enforcement and military veterans who will benefit, as the program actually extends to all sorts of public servants. Here is a full breakdown of everyone that is covered:

  • Sworn LEO (Law Enforcement Officers) State, County and Local 
  • Federal LEO – F.B.I., U.S. Marshals, DEA, DHS, etc.
  • Corrections Officers, including Parole Officers and Probation Officers
  • Retired LEO with “retired” credentials including Federal, State, County and Local Law Enforcement Academy Cadets with Enrollment Documentation from the Academy
  • State Licensed Security Companies and State/City Licensed Security Officers
  • Federal Flight Deck Officers
  • Court Judges, District Attorneys (including Assistant and Deputy District Attorneys)
  • First Responders including firefighters and rescue personnel with appropriate I.D.
  • Military (including National Guard): Active, Retired, Active-Reserve, Disabled in any capacity
  • Veterans Honorably Discharged with Form DD214 (or National Guard equivalent)

If you’re a member of the community listed above and looking to cash in on this sweet deal, head to the Smith & Wesson Dealer Locator to find the dealer closest to you. 

Smith & Wesson hasn’t made this easy just for the consumer, though – if you’re a dealer, there are a lot of great reasons to join as well. Here are some reasons S&W gives to become an American Guardians dealer:

  • No cost to join.
  • Access to six LE Wholesalers (AmChar, Davidsons, Kroll, RSR, Sports South & Tactical Gear Distributors) could potentially provide you with new purchasing channels.
  • Unique, discounted program price sheet features a broad range of exclusive SKUs that are not available through other commercial distribution channels.
  • Minimal administrative burden; a Point of Sale Form is required (for every AG gun on the price list) but there is no requirement to send it in to S&W; merely keep it on file for future reference (we do audit from time to time).
  • Will receive a free store branding kit with AG-branded items, including products needed to quickly identify S&W guns as AG-eligible in the counter.
  • Special identification on the S&W website as an AG dealer (searchable on our Dealer Locator page).
  • Factory-set retail prices are competitive against other industry programs.
  • Reduced, program specific, prices across a wide variety of Smith & Wesson and M&P product categories.
  • Easy to apply with monthly approvals; will be up and running quickly and easily.

Find everything you need to become a dealer today over at Smith & Wesson American Guardians page

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