For Mark Muller, president of Max Motors, the first rifle he ever bought, a Browning BAR Mark II Safari with BOSS, is the perfect rifle for him. It fits him like a glove.


Browning BAR Mark II Safari with BOSS with Leupold scope. (Photo: Ben Philippi /
Muller’s Browning is chambered in .30-06 and is topped with a Leupold scope. He’s owned it for over 30 years, and he'll never sell it. He’ll hand it down to one of his children as an heirloom.
“This gun fits me perfect,” said Muller. “I can’t describe it. Out of all the weapons I have, and I have more than one, I can stand out in a field and literally, at 200-yards, hit beer cans on top of fence posts.”


Fine walnut furniture on Muller's BAR II. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Browning still manufactures the BAR Mark 2 Safari with BOSS. It’s offered in a variety of calibers and comes with either composite or fine walnut furniture. The receiver is precision machined ordinance steel and the barrel is hammer forged. A detachable box magazine with A hinged floorplate holds four rounds, and a single-stage trigger offers a short, smooth pull to help with accuracy.


A closeup of the BOSS - Browning's Ballistic Optimizing Shooting System. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

At the end of the barrel is a device called the BOSS. It stands for Browning's Ballistic Optimizing Shooting System. It’s a patented system that helps control muzzle vibration. When any rifle is fired, the barrel vibrates as the bullet leaves the muzzle. These vibrations can affect accuracy. The BOSS allows the shooter to “tune” the rifle to the ammo being used. According to Browning, this greatly improves accuracy.


Nice engraving on the BAR. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Muller thinks we should all find a gun that fits us like the BAR fits him. To do this, he suggests trying out guns before buying them by borrowing or renting them at a range. "And I’m not talking one shot, I’m talking run at least a box of bullets through each gun and see how it fits your hand, make sure you're controlling it properly, and all that stuff,” said Muller.

All of the Muller children have taken a deer with the Browning, making it that much more special. Although they all have their own hunting rifles now, Muller plans to pass the Browning down to his kids when the time comes.


Muller's good-looking Browning BAR Mark II Safari with BOSS with Leupold scope. (Photo: Ben Philippi /
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