It feels like every month there are new AR-style rifles that hit the market. In the pursuit of bringing as many options as possible to our readers, we have a new AR to highlight as a more unique option for November – the budget-friendly ATI Omni Hybrid AR in .300 BLK.

American Tactical Imports

American Tactical Imports is a company that is centered around providing the U.S. firearms market with a wide array of both domestically-produced firearms and popular guns from several different countries.

From Galils and over/under shotguns to AR-15s and 1911s, ATI stands ready to equip you with whatever firearm fits your needs at an affordable price. 

The Design of the Omni Hybrid

ATI Omni Hybrid Rifle
The Omni Hybrid chases Stoner's dream by adding a polymer upper to the AR platform. (Photo: Samantha Mursan/

With ATI’s reputation established, let's take a look at the ATI Omni Hybrid, an AR-15 that is constructed of a polymer lower and a polymer upper. This is an innovative rifle that is chasing after Eugene Stoner’s original dream of having a lightweight rifle that was handy and inexpensive. With the development of stronger polymers in today’s world over what was available in the 1950s and ’60s, there is now an opportunity to make Eugene Stoner’s unique dream a reality. 

The polymer ATI Omni Hybrid is light and inexpensive in a platform that also has familiar ergonomics for anyone who has any experience shooting AR-15s. The extensive use of polymer is not the only unique aspect of its construction, as the rifle design bares several other distinguishing characteristics. 

Defining Characteristics

For some people, it is hard to imagine trusting a rifle that is made of plastic, however, the future is upon us. With the popularity of firearms like the FN Five-seveN, the Glock 44, and the “What Would Stoner Do” AR-15 build, polymer has inched its way into the gun world. Pretty much every modern striker-fired handgun features a polymer frame, so it was only a matter of time before it became more prevalent in rifles, too. 

While lower receivers have been made of polymer for years, the upper receiver is a more difficult task because it contains the explosion of the cartridge. Therefore, to put your mind at ease, ATI has reinforced the upper receiver with metal to ensure structural integrity.  

One of the more glaring differences between the standard AR-15 and the Omni Hybrid is the chambering, breaking away from the traditional 5.56 NATO cartridge that has established dominance over the platform. Using .300 Blackout makes this rifle a perfect candidate for a suppressor, and it would also work as a great hunting rifle because it can now deliver a .30-caliber payload. 

ATI Omni Hybrid Rifle
The somewhat unique use of KeyMod on the handguard, along with the generous top Picatinny rail, make the gun easy to customize. (Photo: Samantha Mursan/

The second factor that stands out is the unique decision to use KeyMod as the mounting system on the handguard instead of just the commonly-used Picatinny or M-LOK. KeyMod may not be the most popular mounting system, but as someone who has mounted way too many things on M-LOK, I prefer the ease of use that KeyMod offers. 

The beauty of the AR platform is the ability to customize and upgrade the firearm with ease. While this ATI sports fairly traditional furniture that is more of the mil-spec style, the accessory possibilities are endless if you are looking to change things up. The long Picatinny top rail is ready to mount any optic to maximize your accuracy. 

Let’s Have Fun

Considering the current economic environment that has inflicted pain across the board in just about every aspect of life, finding an inexpensive way to enjoy a hobby and exercise your Second Amendment right can be a tricky task. Since the ATI Omni Hybrid is affordable, the appeal of the rifle is obvious. It would be great for both training and hunting. But it also offers an easily-suppressed platform that's hard to pass up. 

We are always looking for new and exciting products to bring to your fingertips, so be sure to check out our new arrivals page. We constantly update it so you can find great options on there, just like this AR unique AR.

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