The concept of having a pre-assembled survival bag is an old one, but it’s a concept that has become increasingly popular over the last decade. While everyone has their own opinions on what should be included, there are some core components that should not be neglected. That is why we put together this exclusive survival pack. We wanted to create something that is affordable, has what you need, and is also useful.

The core of this package is the Henry AR-7 U.S. Survival Rifle, a takedown .22 LR that can be stowed inside its own hollow stock (including two magazines). These guns first gained relevance when Air Force pilots and bomber crewmen elected to carry them in case they were shot down or had to ditch. From there, they quickly found their way into the packs and hands of fishermen, campers, backpackers, and pretty much anyone else in need of a handy little rimfire. 

Aside from the AR-7, this pack comes with a Bulldog Tactical Model BDT411T backpack, Havalon Evolve multi-tool, high-visibility 325-pound paracord with carabiner, Magbar firestarter block, deluxe map compass, 1-quart military canteen, a Pathfinder all-purpose emergency survival blanket, and a North American Rescue (IPOK) Individual Patrol Officer Kit, which includes a Combat Application Tourniquet, 1x4-inch flat emergency trauma dressing, gauze dressing, and black Talon glove kit.

While all of this is included, it is encouraged to add to your pack. Plan accordingly. Depending on where you live in the country and what type of situations you may be facing, your ideal pack will have many different items than the next person's kit. That said, items such as protein bars, MRE’s, a hydration bladder, extra ammo, fishing line, lighters, kindling, and much more are a fantastic addition as long as you are not over-encumbered. 

In any situation, it is beneficial to plan for the worst and have extra supplies instead of needing something and not having it. 

revolver barrel loading graphic