Para Ordnance is a weapons company most well-known for their specialized production of 1911-style pistols, parts, and accessories. Para Ordnance was originally founded in Canada in 1985, then relocated to the United States, and was eventually acquired by Remington. Today, Para Ordnance aims to fill the needs of law enforcement, military, and civilian sectors.

The first company to manufacture a double-action 1911-style pistol, Para Ordnance also created a true double stack 1911. Para currently offers more than half a dozen different pistols, available in numerous calibers. Some of these specialized pistols include the P14, the LDA, and the Warthog. Para Ordnance also had a brief manufacturing stint in the world of modern sporting rifles with the introduction and short production of the TTR “Tactical Target Rifle,” a modified version of the LR-300.