With innovative craftsmanship, long term reliability, and unparalleled precision, Shadow Systems is committed to exceeding customer’s expectations while offering the highest-value pistols on the market. Designed with a combat-oriented mindset, Shadow Systems Pistols are manufactured to be virtually fail proof and were made for all people, at all skill levels. They have set out to make the best, better. Find your match today right here on Guns.com.


The most controllable compact pistol on the market. The MR920 performs equally well in a duty holster or from concealment. The frame is designed to fit large and small hands, without the dreaded slide-bite often associated with compact frames.

For shooters who want a longer sight radius with a smaller compact frame, the mid-sized MR920L balances controllability with concealability. This pistol mates the compact frame of the MR920 with a full-size top end. 

A true full-sized pistol designed for a duty role, the DR920 was created with Law Enforcement Officers and Military Servicemembers in mind. 

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