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Whether you're a tactical professional, or simply love the tactical aesthetic, Guns.com provides a selection of firearms that focus on the quality and innovation you're looking for. Design, Durability and functionality are critical elements of high-performance firearms, and you can rest assured that we've curated a selection of guns that meet the needs of any operator.


HECKLER & KOCH VP9 Tactical Striker Fired Pistol-81000625

Extended controls, high visibility sights, threaded barrels, rails for mounted accessories and textured grips are all features you’ll find in Guns.com’s selection of new and used tactical handguns! 




Proven reliability and the features you need for a tactical advantage are what you’ll find in Guns.com selection of tactical rifles. Shop popular brands like FN America, Daniel Defense, Sig Sauer and IWI for great deals on new and used options! 




Guns.com offers a variety of shotguns that are well-suited for whatever tactical challenges they may face. Shop brands like Mossberg, Remington, FN America and more for the best deals on tactical shotguns. 




Unboxing the New Walther PDP Pistol

When I first saw the press coming from Walther for their new Performance Duty Pistol (PDP), I was instantly excited to get it in my hands and take it to the range.

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Walther’s New Gun: The Performance Duty Pistol (PDP)

Back in September of 2020, I flew to Illinois to check out a new pistol rollout from Walther. The new Walther PDP (Performance Duty Pistol) did not disappoint.

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The Horror: Army Scraps Pallets of WWII Vintage Ammo

An Army depot in Utah recently shared photos of World War II-era munitions being demilled, and it looks like the stuff held up pretty good over the years.

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Classic 1990s Parabellum: The Sig P228

A more compact take on the company's P226 double-stack 9mm, Sig Sauer introduced the smaller P228 in 1990 and it soon became a classic "fed gun."

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