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Winchester Repeating Arms has a tradition unlike any other in the world—and that tradition continues today with the quality products and quality service Winchester provides. Since 1878 Winchester has been building world-class bolt-action rifles and can boast the creation of the first factory bolt-action rifles built specifically for hunters and shooters. Winchester has been contributing breakthrough designs to firearms industry since their production of the Winchester Model 70 in 1936, and continues to wow consumers with their innovation and dependability year after year.


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A long-time staple to gun safes, Winchester rifles have been bringing innovation to the industry for decades. Whether you're looking for bolt-action, lever action or semi auto rifles, Winchester offers a variety of makes and models. offers both new and used Winchester rifles, both in and out of production!  



Winchester shotguns have been the hunter's companion for many years. Whether you're looking for a semi auto, pump-action or over under shotguns, you're sure to find field-able, functional and reliable options with Winchester. offers a variety of new and used options! 




A Buyer’s Guide to the Best Bird Hunting Shotguns

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Five Best Shotguns for the Waterfowl Season

While it’s true that semi-automatic shotguns dominate the arsenals of most dedicated waterfowlers, there’s still room pumps and Over/Unders.

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The Best Shotguns for Bird Hunting

Different types of hunting call for varying styles of shotguns. Chasing geese, ducks, upland birds, or even turkeys these shotguns work.

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The Best Shotguns for Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunting dominates the American birding market, so do specialty guns that go with it. These are some of the best shotguns that won't break the bank.

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