ArmaLite's New AR-50 hopes to rev Engines before SHOT Show 2011

Hang tight, gents. There’s only a little more foreplay before we get hot and heavy tomorrow at the 2011 SHOT Show.

ArmaLite, Ar-15 makers to the Gods, will be touting their newest competition grade entry into the AR market, the AR-50A1 National Match, at the 2011 SHOT Show.

The AR-50A1 National Match may look like a clone of Armalite’s AR-50A1 but rest assured there are some profound differences in both the patchwork and philosophy of use of this bare bones, strike anywhere, competitor.  For starters The AR-50A1 NM’s 33-inch barrel juts out a precious three inches farther than Armalite’s standard AR-50A1 barrel, which, besides granting the shooter finer accuracy at greater stretches, also translates into the necessary real estate to accommodate a 50 BMG Match chamber instead of the standard military chamber.  Eight flutes cut weight down to damn near the same level as it’s predecessor and keeps the barrel nice and cool after repeated firings.  It also ships with what ArmaLite implies is the most enviable muzzle brake in the industry.

Besides the obvious, ArmaLite is also incorporating a brand spanking new “Skid System” which furnishes parallel rests on the level with the bore of the rifle.  What’s it all mean, you whisper?  Recoil funneled in a near perfect linear pattern with your shoulder and Sub MOA accuracy at a price we can afford.  The front skid hooks up with the slot in the fore-end similar to the way bi-pod rails are attached. The rear skid secures to the butt-stock. And it was all achieved independent of redesigns to the AR-50A1 meaning you can fit your broken in AR-50A1 with this system without buying yet another rifle.

And, by that token, this rifle can still rest on the laurels of the AR-50A1’s ingenuity.  The meat of the gun is still its metallic stock-to-action job that ensures strength and hence reliability and the aluminum stock reinforces the receiver like a bench-rest sleeve.   All in all it’s clean shooting for a day at the range to clear your head or embarrass your friends.

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