Adams Arms Secures $2.7 Million For AR Gas Piston System Facilities

Adams Arms, of Palm Harbor, Fla., has just secured a large loan to add to their manufacturing facilities in order to keep up with the demand for their drop-in gas piston systems for use with AR-15 and similar rifles.

The Series A financing, completed by Littlebanc Advisors, is for no less than $2.7 million, and will go directly to improving Adams Arms production in order to fill order from Brownells, Midway and Smith & Wesson.

Adams Arms Piston Kit

“In the search for the right financial partner to provide the funding necessary to support our growth, it is clear we hit the target with Littlebanc Advisors. The ability that Littlebanc Advisors has shown to access some of the top investment and private equity groups allowed this capital raise to happen in the quick fashion that we required to support high demand. We are also excited as we believe they will add to the intellectual capital of our company as we grow the Adams Arms business,” said Michael Froning, CEO of Adams Arms.

Adams Arms has developed a reputation for their robust AR gas piston systems. Gas piston systems replace the direct impingement system that deposits carbon and other propellant waste into the action of the rifle. When maintained, this is not an issue, but if a rifle goes too long without cleaning, this buildup can lead to stoppages and other failures.

Gas Piston Installed

Gas piston systems run both cooler and cleaner than direct impingement, but AR-pattern rifles were not designed for gas pistons. Many gas piston systems develop wear and eventually malfunction due to the issue of carrier tilt. Carrier tilt is caused by the piston pushing the bolt carrier group (BCG) off-axis and not directly rearwards. The BCG is driven against the receiver and buffer tube, and wears unevenly.

The Adams Arms piston systems have been designed to minimize carrier tilt, and are well-known for not developing issues over time. They’re also affordable, costing around $300.

Adams Arms manufactures gas piston systems for rifle-, mid-, carbine- and pistol-length ARs, and has developed a new low-profile piston system that works with a wider array of aftermarket handguards. You can see their entire catalog here. For more information, visit the Adams Arms website.

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